New Music: Soupmakesitbetter & K Like The Letter – “Foot on the fence” @SoupMakesBetter

Paid Better rapper Soupmakesitbetter and K Like The Letter release their joint single “Foot on the fence”, a fresh commentary on the hustler narrative of the black male experience. 

Soup opens the track with a melodic call for the homie to choose between the seemingly high-risk, high-reward life of a hustler and anything else. He empathizes, but encourages him to pursue an alternative. But the true complexity of the verse is in the subtext which addresses the social inequities of said “hood”, the challenges that come with overcoming fear based mindsets in this community, and the generational transfer of trauma that often occurs in these scenarios. 

K Like The Letter’s hook provides the listener with an opportunity to pause, and reflect more deeply, both as a result of the sudden, but welcomed melodic shift and the depth of his lyrics. Soup continues into the second verse by juxtaposing what seem at first to be opposing mindsets, only to reveal them to be two sides of the same coin. 

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