News – Heritage Hip Hop Presents A & N On R&B Podcast

NJ’s #1 podcast Heritage Hip Hop has now opened the R&B gates. The new podcast A & N on R&B is a talk show strictly for R&B. The hosts include Karev of Heritage Hip Hop, DJ Big A, and R&B sensation Nika LaDean, and Nas The Romantic.

Each host contributes an entertaining dynamic. Karev is the socially conscious member who comes with the heavy-hitting questions. Big A sets the mood and tone highlighting the fragrance of the week and pairs it with a song. Nika LaDean shares the Top 5 weekly list. NasThe Romantic’s segment highlights underrated music, missed by labels.

A & N on R&B Podcast airs Sundays at 8 pm est on YouTube. Join the hosts for good conversation, a bit of drama, and of course music. The hosts welcome R&B singers, producers, and R&B enthusiasts as guests. For more info and to connect, see below.

A & N R&B Podcast



Apple Podcasts:

Anchor.FM, iHeart Radio, and everywhere podcasts are streamed.

Connect on Instagram

Karev: @Herita@geHipHop 

Big A: @Ahdayar  

Nika LaDean: @Nikaladean

Nas The Romantic: @The_Truth128

A & N on R&B: @Annonrnb

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