No Cold Feet: Empowering Your Kids to Enjoy Winter Fun

Winter can be an amazing season when everything seems magically transformed into an icy wonderland – yet before we start thinking of our children as cute snowmen, let’s not overlook one important factor – cold!

Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash

Why It’s Time to Embrace the Freeze

Yes, we understand: the temperature has dropped like a hot potato in a game of pass the parcel and walking outdoors seems more daunting than diving into an Arctic bear pool. But don’t stay inside for too long! Winter offers its own brand of fun and games which should not be left to languish behind frosty windows – from exhilarating sled rides down snowy hills, making snow angels or taking part in snowman building competitions to opening up a world of exploration for your children and you alike! By welcoming winter, you open up an exciting adventure into which everyone involved can fully participate and enjoy!

Dress like a Mini Eskimo

Bundling doesn’t need to mean looking like an overstuffed sofa; start by layering up with thermal underwear – like giving your kids an invisible shield against the cold! Next add in snug turtleneck, warm pants, and woolen sweater that would make Grandma proud. But we aren’t done yet: then add waterproof jacket and snow pants. Lastly complete their outfit with toasty hat, mittens (not gloves!), waterproof boots – or youth insulated coveralls as an added layer on extra cold days. And your kids are now prepared to face Jack Frost head on in style – like pint-sized Eskimo.

Snowball Fights Vs Hot Cocoa Sip

Now that your munchkins have donned warm clothing for winter fun, it’s time for action! Nothing says winter like a classic snowball fight. Snowball fights are more than just fun frosty brawls; they provide an engaging winter workout, strategic game and laughter therapy session all rolled into one. When one gets hit with a snowball it doesn’t matter; all part of the fun! And any time someone hits you back it gives an opportunity for revenge! Not to be forgotten are those quiet indoor moments when snowflakes are gently falling outside, and you are snuggled on the sofa with your mini warriors, sipping some delicious hot cocoa. Ah! A soothing complement to exhilarating snowball fights. Balance is key here – snowball fights and hot cocoa sip-ins both provide winter joy! Why choose between them when winter offers both? Celebrate both sides as winter brings its bounty! Embrace both outdoor adventures as well as indoor ones; winter offers many gifts!

Ensure a Healthy Winter Diet

As winter arrives, it can be easy for children (and adults alike!) to crave marshmallows, hot cocoa and holiday cookies; but bear in mind that although Jack Frost might love sugary treats like these more than our bodies do! Our bodies need something else in order to remain frosty and fit throughout winter’s cold spell. Take this season as an opportunity to educate junior snow warriors on the value of maintaining a balanced diet, including foods rich in Vitamin D (given our diminished sun exposure), Vitamin C to strengthen immunity, and hearty soups like our classic French Bouillon recipe that keep them toasty all winter long. And while hot cocoa may be fun for them to drink, switch out marshmallows for some cinnamon sprinkles once in awhile for optimal immunity in children. By providing your children with a balanced diet of winter vegetables, citrus fruits, and warm oatmeal; your children’s winter will surely be happy and healthy!

Keep Cold-Related Worries Away 

Parents’ worries of their little ones contracting a cold or frostbite are enough to send chills down our spines like any winter wind – but don’t turn into “Winter Worry Wombats!” Dress your children appropriately this winter season. Layer up like an adorable winter onion with moisture-wicking clothes close to their skin and waterproof gear on top. Additionally, invest in high quality winter gear such as gloves, hats, and boots. Not only will this help your little ones remain warm, but also prevent moisture (think snowball remnants) from turning cold and making them uncomfortable. Just as bad weather is only bad clothing, insufficient layers mean there are no cold days; so with proper gear and an eye on things they’ll enjoy this winter wonderland without worry!

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