Pop Sensation Tarra Releases Fun, Energetic New Single/Video, “Growing Younger”

Mumbai native artist Tarra is a beautiful up and coming singer that’s bringing fresh, renewed energy to the scene. Today, she releases her new single, “Growing Younger” along with the official video to match. Just in time for the beginning of the end of summer, Tarra provides the perfect vibes.

Often as we grow older, we forget to have fun every now and then. In Tarra’s words, “growing older shouldn’t mean growing too scared to try”. “Growing Younger” not only carries positive vibes, but is an anthem for motivation to live your life. The message is simple: as we get older, we shouldn’t give in to the aging process, but to continue living life to the fullest. Life is short, taking advantage of the time we have here is important, and Tarra perfectly reminded us of how important it is. “Growing Younger” is a record relatable to all ages, and holds the potential to be a big record given it’s global sound. Upon listening, it’s easy to imagine hearing it everywhere. People from all over the world, and from all walks of life will enjoy the song, and visual.

The “Growing Younger” official video is a collection of original footage of Tarra doing just what the song is about…living life. If the record alone doesn’t make you want to get off the couch and enjoy life, the video definitely will. “Growing Younger” is definitely a universal hit and will capture listeners with its infectious sound! In the words of Tarra: “I wrote this song on a beach trip. It was one of those moments in time when everything seemed fun, nothing really seemed to matter, and I didn’t have work or the future on my mind. I remember thinking, “I feel like a child again”. Then immediately after, I thought “when did I stop feeling like a child?”. Immediately, the lyrics of this song came to me. This song is full of all the feelings I felt on that trip… the elation and zest for life I never want to let go of. The desire to be spontaneous and open to adventure. The promise to never settle for an endless hamster wheel type of life.”

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