Post: 3 Tips For Being Less Irritable On a Daily Basis

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If you did some kind of a poll of everyone on Earth, you’d probably find that not a single person thinks that being irritable is really a “good look.”

Life can often be frustrating and irritating in a variety of different ways, and things like having an argument with a friend or colleague, missing a meal, or even just “waking up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning,” can potentially put you in a very irritable and snappy mood.

At the same time, being irritable all the time doesn’t feel good. It leads to elevated stress levels, makes it more difficult for you to enjoy everyday life, and can sour your relationships and interactions with other people.

Here are a few basic tips that may help you to be less irritable on a day-to-day basis.

Eat a diet that helps you to keep stress levels in check

Different dietary systems and trends seem to appear and rise and fall in popularity on a virtually daily basis, and one of the diets that has been popular in recent times, has been the low-carb diet – including the ultra-low-carb “keto” diet.

While low-carb diets may be effective for fat loss, though, they also have the effect of significantly boosting the levels of stress hormones circulating in your body.

This partly seems to occur because of the fact that the stress hormone cortisol, in addition to adrenaline, is mobilised to free up stored energy in fat tissue, muscle tissue, and glycogen reserves, when the body isn’t getting enough carbohydrates from the diet for its needs.

If you find that you’re often irritable, making sure that you are eating a diet that helps to manage your stress levels can be a very good idea, and can make a very big difference, as well.

In general, a diet rich in whole, unprocessed plant foods – including good levels of complex carbohydrates, and foods such as nuts, which contain important minerals like magnesium – is likely to be very helpful when it comes to maintaining a less “stressed out” everyday baseline.

Take steps to address any unresolved sources of frustration you’re carrying around

Are there any unresolved resources and frustration that you’re carrying around, and that you know you should try to investigate and address, but just haven’t got around to yet?

It might be, for example, that you’ve noticed that your hearing has become worse, and have realised that you should probably learn more about audiology services.

Failing to take steps to address these sources of frustration, to the best of your ability, can certainly lead to frustration and ongoing irritability.

When you take steps to improve things – even just a tiny bit – you regain a sense of personal agency, and will likely feel less irritable.

Make time for physical activity each day

Regular physical activity done to a moderate intensity has the ability to help alleviate stress, to burn off excess energy, and to promote the release of certain molecules in the body that promote feelings of well-being and even hope.

At the same time, overly intense training can have the opposite effect, and can leave you more stressed and irritable than you were to begin with.

Aim to get a good level of moderate intensity physical activity in each day.

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