Post: 4 Key Considerations When You Develop A Disability

By the time you reach sixty-five, you are more likely than not to develop a disability. This is why many experts are arguing that everyone should have disability insurance in place. Here are some of the concerns that you might need to consider if you do develop a disability. 

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Depending on your disability you might find that mobility is a concern. You might need to think about buying a new car that is more suitable for you. Some cars are better for you if you have a physical disability. They are easier to get into and provide more room. You may be entitled to a car on a government contract too. When you are looking for the right vehicle, make sure to shop around and explore numerous top suppliers such as Edmunds. You could even get a great car second-hand if you are keen to save money on costs in the short term. 

In some cases, you might require other mobility aids such as a wheelchair or scooter. Your doctor should discuss these possibilities with you. 


Do be aware that if you develop a disability, then you will be entitled to claim benefits. These benefits are designed to help ensure that you can get the best quality of life possible. Many people have noted that these benefits are not easy to claim without support. As such, you might want to think about contacting a lawyer or a legal advisor to help you here. 


It’s possible that you might still be able to work with a disability. This depends on your specific condition and the impact it has on you. Everyone’s story is going to be different here. Even if you can work, it may mean exploring a career change. The good news is that there are lots of possibilities that could be beneficial for you. You should definitely consider remote work opportunities. You may find it easier to work from home if you have a disability. This can be more beneficial than trying to work in an office where there can be mobility concerns. 


A disability is always going to change your life. Some people view it as a new chapter but for many it can be a massive setback. That’s why doctors do recommend that you seek therapy if you do develop a disability. Particularly, if this was sudden and unexpected. Cognitive therapy can help you come to terms with some of the changes in your life and help you learn how to approach them head on rather than trying to avoid them. The right therapist will be a shoulder that you can lean on and guarantee that you don’t feel lost or alone. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key considerations that you should keep in mind if you do develop a disability and how this change can impact your life. It can be hard to stay positive but you need to remember that you are not alone and there are avenues to help available to you here. 

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