Post: 4 Ways to Ensure Your Elderly Loved One Has a Healthy and Fulfilling Life

Regardless of age or health, we should all strive to enjoy the fullest possible quality of life. The inability to leave the house due to age, illness, or injury may make this wish seem impossible to seniors. But even with live-in care, there are many ways for elderly people who can’t leave their homes to live a full and healthy life. 

Encourage physical activity.

Regular, low-intensity exercise that is safe for the elderly has been shown to have positive effects on the health of its participants, including elevated mood, reduced anxiety, increased vitality, and enhanced rest. Make sure they aren’t subjecting their bodies to any strenuous exercises. Be patient and work with them to build up to regular workouts over time. The best way to ensure your senior’s safety while exercising is to consult a professional physiotherapist before beginning any new exercise programme.

Help them give up bad habits.

Providing in-home care for an elderly person includes assisting them in kicking harmful habits like smoking and drinking. In many cases, unhealthy behaviours from a person’s younger years are carried into old age. Habits like binge drinking and smoking are examples of this. Such practices are particularly harmful as one ages. Heart disease, lung disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and respiratory problems are just some of the illnesses that can develop as a result of these behaviours in the elderly population.

As an added bonus, you can assist your elderly loved ones in reducing their excessive use of internet shopping and prescription drug abuse. Opioids are found in most drugs intended for adults and are known for their highly addictive properties. It is a common tool for dealing with chronic aches and pains. You should keep an eye on your ageing loved ones’ drug intake patterns to catch any signs of possible abuse. Their Doctor may recommend methadone treatment    if they are showing signs of opioid abuse.

Healthy meals

The health of your elderly can be greatly enhanced by investing in better nutrition. If you take the time to cook nutritious meals for your elderly loved ones, you can help them avoid developing diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, which are more common in people over the age of 65.

Paying attention to the nutrition facts listed on product labels is the best way to ensure that the meals you prepare for your elderly loved one are balanced from a nutritional standpoint. Better yet, consult a nutritionist at your local health clinic for advice on how to incorporate more fibre, vitamin C, and calcium into their diet while reducing your fat and cholesterol intake. The best course of action is to plan meals with the goal of lowering blood sugar levels.

Give them some mental exercise.

You can help your elderly loved one maintain mental and emotional health even while they are housebound by giving them mental and intellectual activities to do. You’ll have an easier time taking care of them if their brains are functioning at peak levels all the time. Word games like scrabble and puzzles, as well as artistic drawings, can be played for amusement. The catch is that we must intervene to slow their mental decline.

Home care for an elderly relative is a demanding role. But if you follow these suggestions, you can make sure they have a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

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