Post: 5 Things That Keep Your Amazing Blog Article Invisible

5 Things That Keep Your Amazing Blog Article Invisible

You’ve been working hard to create informative and exciting blog articles that your audience will love. You put your heart into making every single blog post as honest as you can. It takes hours, sometimes even days, to produce quality content when you consider:

  • Topic research 
  • Keyword placement
  • Editing and correction
  • Formating
  • Images

Yet, despite all your hard work, your blog articles don’t receive much attention. Your audience doesn’t read them or doesn’t interact with them. What does it happen? Here are the top 5 most harmful reasons your blog articles are not seen by your readers. 

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#1. Your ranking is too low

Most people don’t even bother with the second search result page on Google. In other words, if you can’t secure a ranking among the first 10 positions for your preferred keywords, you are more likely invisible to your audience group. There could be a lot of reasons why your website doesn’t rank on the first page. As explained by this digital marketing expert, technical SEO factors can affect your visibility. For instance, if the website load time is too slow or you don’t have enough backlinks, you could struggle to build organic traffic. It can be helpful to work with a marketing agency to tackle the most pressing issues. 

#2. You miss the trends

Should your blog be all about the latest trends? The answer is no. However, your blog must be able to reflect on the relevant market’s opinions and interests at any given time. In other words, while you may not need to follow every single trend, it’s vital for your visibility to capitalize on nano trends. Nano trends focus on reactions to a unique event relevant to your audience group. For instance, right now, you could talk about hosting an Ukraining family or handling rent cost increase, depending on your blog’s main subject. 

#3. You don’t make the most of social media

Your blog needs to use social media to survive. Most bloggers find their audience on the main social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It’s important to understand what a healthy social media presence looks like. Ultimately, it takes more than a profile on social media to be visible, and you need to be there where your audience is. Additionally, social media is a two-way conversation. Engaging and interacting with people is precisely what makes your blog stand out. 

#4. Your images are overused

We get it: The online world is filled with free quality images from places such as Pixabay and Unsplash. Why should you be taking your own pictures when you could use theirs? There is nothing wrong with using license-free images, as long as you make sure not to pick the images that frequently appear on other platforms. 

#5. You miss on link exchange opportunities

What is a guest blogger? A guest blogger is a blogger who writes and posts an article exclusively on your blog. The article is relevant to your audience group and helps them promote their website. Contributing to a popular blog as a guest can help boost your blog reputation. 

By opposition, content syndication allows you to publish your existing content onto other platforms, so you can also create a backlink catalog. 

Both strategies can boost your SEO visibility. 

Are you ready to bring your blog to the next level and gather more readers? There are many reasons why a blog may be lagging. Yet targeting SEO tech factors, trends, social media activities, visuals, and link exchange can show rapid results!

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