Post: 5 Tips to Mentally Deal With An Unplanned Pregnancy

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While we can certainly empathize with a sense of horror that goes through the mind upon discovering that someone is pregnant and didn’t plan for it, it’s different when it happens to us. Some people believe that unplanned pregnancies are the end of the world because they’re just not ready. But it’s so important for us to process everything in an emotional sense. If you feel young, unprepared, and unready for adulthood, it’s important to think about some of the following steps.

Be Sure

Taking a pregnancy test and maybe even taking another before having a blood test will at least solidify everything. Because while there are so many support groups for unplanned pregnancies, the fact is you’ve got to deal with the reality first before you start going through the various emotions.

Feel Whatever Comes Natural

Some people go through denial, some are disappointed, or there are a variety of emotions. It’s so important for us to undergo this because whatever you are feeling, many people have felt like this before, and you should not feel guilty for feeling like this. Whatever you are feeling, it’s not right or wrong. You might have very dark thoughts, and there are things that you may not want to speak about out loud, but you have to remember that thoughts and feelings are a way of helping you process what is going on, and the best way to get through them is to feel them.

Step Away From the Chaos

If you decide to go through with the pregnancy you might still have an abundance of emotions as to whether it’s the right or wrong thing for you. But you have to remember that change is a scary thing, as is going through responsibilities, and the changes in your body that occur before your very eyes can completely alter your mindset. There is a lot to take on board, so allow yourself to step away from the chaos and ask yourself what you want. Everybody is going to give you advice, but you need to ask yourself the questions that are important to you and decide how you will come up with the answers. What do you want, and why do you want it? When you start to step away, you will see just how much scaremongering there can be out there.

You Don’t Need To Listen to Advice

People will try to tell you that you should do X, Y, and Z. The reality is that it’s your body and you can do what you want. It can help you to think about what sort of advice you would give if were your best friend or sister. Sometimes trusting your instincts is the most important thing, because you may not know what to say, but having a coping strategy can help you through the dark times. 

However, it’s important to think that coping strategies are there to help you achieve a positive outcome. A lot of people opt for denial, but of course, living in denial means that you’ve got to face up to reality sometime. Trying out different coping strategies can you help you. If you find yourself crippled by anxiety, something like journalling can do a lot to get those anxieties out of your mind and onto paper. When you start to get these things out of your mind, it can help you to realize that a lot of what you are going through are just thoughts, not real tangible emotions that make you a horrible person.

Taking Time To Grieve Your Former Life

Things change and therefore, you can look forward to the next phase of your life with excitement or you may choose to bid goodbye to what has gone. A lot of people choose to not think that their former life has gone, but change is something that will help you in so many other areas of your life. This is the biggest change, and you may be scared about losing your identity, but taking that time to process what has happened is a natural way for you to start realizing that this is a gift.

So many people have regrets and had so many things they wanted to do before getting pregnant, but it’s important that you realize that it’s all going to be okay. Some people feel like it’s the end of the world or it wasn’t part of your plan. The fates don’t care about any of our plans, and things in life will always take us by surprise. It’s only the start, but it’s a fantastic start and it will all be okay.

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