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Post: 6 Activities to Help You Release Negative Energy

6 Activities to Help You Release Negative Energy

Some days you’re just irritable; everything and everyone is just that little bit more annoying than usual and you can feel yourself getting worked up over the smallest, insignificant things. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone sometimes, but finding ways to release all that built up negative energy can help you manage and control it. Here are six activities for you to try when you’re just having one of those days.

Go for a Run

Exercise releases endorphins and leaves you feeling refreshed, alive, and energetic. It can be hard to motivate yourself to get outside and run if you’re having a down day, but it will definitely do you a whole world of good. It pumps your body full of happy hormones, keeps you physically fit and is a superb way of releasing all those built-up emotions. Quick, get your running shoes on!

Listen to Music

Music has the ability to alter your mood and make you feel all kinds of ways. Whether you need some soothing melodies to listen too while you relax and unwind, or you want to sing as loud as you can and dance away the negativity, Bang and Olufsen have the tech that you need. A leading brand in the home tech field, Bang and Olufsen produce speakers, headphones and televisions with sleek designs and high quality audio so you can experience your music and release that negativity in any way you wish.

Pick Up a Paintbrush

There is something so relaxing and therapeutic about picking up a paintbrush and creating something that represents how you are feeling. Putting color onto paper and seeing how it blends, mixes, and develops into a masterpiece is a calming way of releasing bent up negativity. Alternatively, aggressive painting is also an option if your temper has been pushed that far and will probably lead to you creating some very interesting work!

Do Some Yoga

Another calming yet effective activity. Yoga is all about controlling the mind and the breath while moving and stretching your body. It can be as physically demanding as you want to make it, especially if you do it at home and follow one of the many online yoga videos or classes. Yoga is a relaxing form of exercise that will have you inhaling the positive and

exhaling the negative.

Go Out with the Girls

If you’re feeling up to it, there is nothing quite like having a catch up with the girls to vent about everything that is bothering you and letting it all out. Talking about how your thoughts and feelings is arguably the best and most effective way to release them. And it can’t hurt if there are a couple of glasses of wine involved too, right?

Have a Bubble Bath

Feel all your worries and negativity wash away as you indulge in a steamy bath overflowing with bubbles. Light some candles, add some lavender essential oil, and you’re in for a well-deserved evening of pampering and relaxation.

Its no-good holding in your troubles and letting negative energy brew inside of you. Instead, try out these activities to have you back to feeling your positive, energetic self in no time.

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