Post: 8 Things That Aren’t Just For Kids

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Becoming an adult means having to act ‘grown up’. This often means abandoning behaviours and habits that are deemed childish. 

But what if some of these childish behaviours were actually healthy and worth continuing into adulthood? Just because something is associated with kids doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s strictly for kids. Below are just a few things that you’re never too old for and that could be worth continuing into adulthood. 

Going to school

Got terrible grades at school? You can always go back and obtain an education as an adult. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit in a classroom with teenagers – there are now many online courses that allow you to study for a high school diploma from home. You can also study college courses online or at a campus at any age. Getting an education could be a chance to progress your career, or simply something to do for your own sense of fulfilment. 

Getting braces

You shouldn’t have to miss out on getting straight teeth just because you were never encouraged to see an orthodontist as a child. While it’s mostly teens that get braces, a growing number of adults are starting to get braces too. Nowadays, there are invisible braces that you can wear – if you’re worried that traditional braces will stop you from looking ‘grown up’ or ‘professional’, these invisible braces could be a great solution.

Coloring in

Many studies show that coloring in can be very therapeutic for both kids and adults. In fact, there are many coloring books and coloring apps aimed at adults, which aim to be slightly more challenging. If you loved coloring in as a kid, why not continue it as an adult?

Watching kids’ movies

There’s nothing wrong with watching Disney movies or kids’ TV shows as an adult. In fact, many modern kids’ movies are made with children and adults in mind, tackling serious themes and containing sly references. Such movies also have an innocence which can make them a great escape from the horrors of the world – good entertainment doesn’t have to be full of swearing, sex and violence. 

Jumping on a trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline is a great form of cardiovascular exercise that is great for strengthening the legs and core. While trampolines are typically seen as a kids’ toy, many adults could benefit from embracing them as a fun exercise tool.

Going to an amusement park

Amusement parks aren’t just for kids either. You can still go on rides as an adult and experience the thrill. In fact, it could be a great idea for a date.

Drinking milk

Kids are often encouraged to drink milk to help their bones grow, but you can still drink milk as an adult. It’s filled with many important minerals and vitamins that are great for your body. In fact, drinking milk as an adult may even help to prevent conditions like osteoporosis. 


Crying is a natural emotional release. We’re often discouraged from crying as we get older, but there are times when it can be much needed as a form of stress relief. Bottling it up could just make the feelings more intense. 

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