Post: A Change is Coming…

Hey everyone,

As of Monday we’re changing up the content a bit here at Because of the constant issues we face just simply being black people, I’ve decided it’s time to use my platform for a greater purpose.

Now, I will continue to showcase music from up and coming artists, because after all, that’s a major part of our culture. In addition to music, we will now be featuring notable information relating to our culture. Any news, or other opportunities that we believe is valuable to our people, we’re going to post it.  We’re also going to post resources available to the black community that will enhance, or progress you in life. Also coming to the site will be features of black entrepreneurs, dancers, painters, and other artists of all types. It’s time we celebrate and highlight each other more!

 Seeing that it’s 2021, and we’re still going through some of the atrocities that our ancestors went through, it’s important that we continue to elevate and do better. We as a people are unique and highly gifted, and it’s time we take advantage of achieving goals as much as possible. The final new addition to the site will be the Community category. Here we’ll showcase what’s going on in our communities, including giveaways, events, assistance, and news. 

If you would like to submit material, please email Tasha at  Stay tuned for our reloaded content!

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