Post: Creative Ways To Benefit Your Business With Surveys

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There are many benefits to conducting surveys in business. The most common reason to conduct surveys is to improve customer experience – this typically involves giving customers a survey after having served them. However, there are many other creative ways to use surveys as detailed below. 

Get feedback on new product ideas

Before launching a new product, it could be worth using surveys to collect research and test your product. You can start by creating a survey to see if there is firstly a demand for your new product idea. If there is a demand, you could then try creating a sample or prototype before testing it on a focus group – this focus group could be accompanied by another survey that can help assess the product’s strengths and flaws. You can use this to then tweak your product before putting it on sale officially. 

Improve the hiring process

Surveys can also help you to improve the hiring process. When accepting and rejecting applicants, you could follow up with a feedback form to get an idea as to what they thought of the application process or any interviews they may have taken part in. If many applicants found certain parts of the process to be frustrating or lacking, you can then improve these parts of the process. 

Involve employees in company decisions

You can also issue each of your employees with a survey before making a big change that could affect them such as renovating the office or designing a uniform. You can then use these results to influence your choices going forward. This is a great way to empower employees and ensure employee satisfaction when making major company changes. 

Understand your competitor’s clients better

Surveys can also be a form of competitor research. You could try surveying a range of your customers to see what they think of your competitors, and whether they think there are certain things your competitors are doing better. This could help you to improve your business by finding ways of one-upping or standing out from your competitors. 

Create engaging and unique blog content

Surveys could be used to collect research about your industry, the results of which you may be able to share in the form of a blog post. Such original content is great for attracting website visitors and can help you to build credibility as an expert in your field. You could even accompany your blog post with an infographic of your findings. 

Get media attention for your business

Certain surveys and studies may be of interest to the media. This is a great way to build media attention around your company. When pitching survey results to media outlets, it could be worth looking into how to write a press release. Make sure to target media outlets that are relevant to your industry and findings. 

Engage social media users

You can also use surveys to engage people on social media. The likes of Facebook and Twitter allow you to share polls. This could be a fun way to get people interacting with your content, as well as possibly building a social media following. 

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