Post: Cutting Through the Noise: Promoting Your Internet Radio Station

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Internet radio stations are absolutely everywhere these days, and when we’re trying to cut through the noise and are looking for solutions to promote our internet radio station we’ve got to ensure that we get those audiences, but how?

Prioritize Your Promo!

Your promotional tools are vital to your brand. If you are promoting a hip-hop radio station, you need to remember that there are so many different aspects to ensuring you are staying on-brand. There are so many different ways for you to create that perfect voice, including DJ drops. DJ drops are little promotional clips used to evoke the right tone. DJ drops are not just used by DJs, content creators also use drops to add their brand to Tik Tok videos, YouTube videos, podcasts and more, which can be invaluable to your supplementary marketing materials.

Consider Supplementary Marketing Materials

Because it’s not just about the station itself or the content, the fact is that every company now has to utilize supplementary marketing materials. These would include blogs, video blogs, and social media. Additionally, you may want to start curating podcasts. If you have a very memorable section of a show, this can become a podcast by itself. There are so many options for supplementary marketing materials, but in order to do it right, you’ve got to ensure that you are reaching your audiences on the right platforms. This means going back to the drawing board and finding out who your key demographic really is.

Submit Your Station to Radio Directories

Radio directories are a way for you to play your station in front of international listeners who are looking for online radio stations. Radio directories categorize radio stations based on the genre of music or the region, which makes it easier for the listener to find the appropriate station. There are many radio directories out there and most of them are free so you can list your radio station on as many directories as humanly possible.

Find the Best On-Air Talent

Of course, your station is not going to progress if you don’t have the right on-air talent. A radio station can be popular purely based on the presenters. Many people love their presenters as much as they love the music played by the station, so what does it really take to become a great presenter? There’s that rapport a lot of budding radio presenters have, but you can also help to build the relationship between the audience and the station by having them connect with fans off-air. It’s also important to think about radio presenting as not just the links between the songs, but about the person crafting the entire aesthetic of the show. Planning and preparation go a long way, and of course, you will instantly get feedback if you’re not any good!

The fact is that if you are looking to be at the top of your business niche, you will need to utilize the most suitable marketing tactics available. And this means that when you are promoting a very niche radio station, you’ve got to understand what it takes to promote it properly.

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