Post: How to Create a Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe

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A capsule wardrobe is an excellent idea; it allows you to control your spending and your styles so that you can look amazing and be more eco-conscious at the same time. In this article, you can find out how to create a capsule wardrobe from your current one and make it sustainable. 

Declutter Wardrobe 

To make a sustainable capsule wardrobe, you first have to downsize your current wardrobe and remove all of the fast fashion items and items that only serve a single purpose. This might sound like a bit of a chore, but it’s an excellent chance to audit your wardrobe and your lifestyle.

Sustainable decluttering involves pulling all of your clothing out of the wardrobe and drawers and placing it on the bed; you can also put it into piles and categories if this helps. Once you have removed the fast fashion items, you should be left with some versatile quality clothing.     

Define Style and Habits 

Creating a sustainable capsule wardrobe is a bit like finding your signature style. Instead of statement pieces and stand-alone items, you will be focused on patterns and themes that work well together. Think about your style and what colors and patterns you are most drawn to. 

Find your style sources, and you will always have inspiration for your sustainable wardrobe. For instance, you might take inspiration from a particular decade, or you be obsessed with a particular color. Also, think about the texture and textiles of clothing to make them sustainable.   

Create a Palette 

Creating a palette for your capsule wardrobe is one of the most important features of capsule wardrobe creation. When you have a wardrobe with clothing that can interact effortlessly, you have a flexible wardrobe that has everything you need; it is also easy to buy new items for it. 

Start with a base color such as black, khaki, brown, or white; you can use these colors for base garments such as leggings, trousers, shorts, and skirts. Next, choose some accent hues to complement or contrast with your base layers. Again, the colors should interact well together.  

Buy Versatile Clothing 

A capsule wardrobe is all about versatile clothing, items that match and contract effortlessly. It also helps to buy clothing that works well in all seasons so that you don’t have to shop too often. Loose-fit dresses are an excellent option; these are often comfortable, flexible, and sustainable.   

Consider plus size dresses for your capsule wardrobe, and you will always have something comfortable and colorful to wear. Plus-size dresses are beautiful, versatile, and flattering; before long, you will have your favorite plus-size dresses that you would rather repair than replace.   

Buy What you Need 

Naturally, you will build your capsule wardrobe out of items you own already, but in the process of creating one, you are likely to downsize considerably. Of course, you will have to buy some additional items, but this is where the sustainable part comes in. Now is our chance to buy only what you need and maintain a pared-down capsule wardrobe that serves your personal needs.   

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