Post: Setting Up A Home Gym: 6 Important Steps

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Thinking of setting up your own home gym? Below are 6 steps that could help you to get the best out of your home gym.

Define your exercise goals

Before setting up a home gym, it’s important that you have a clear idea of your exercise goals. There’s no point buying a treadmill if your goal is strength training, just as there’s no point buying lots of weights if you’re training to run a marathon. Your gym space should be personalized to your goals and needs – work out what these are before you invest in equipment. 

Choose the right space

The space you choose needs to be practical for exercising. There needs to be enough space to carry out your workouts. If you’re going to be exercising while other people are asleep, you may want to avoid converting an attic or a bedroom into a gym space as it could be noisy – ground floor rooms may be better. Alternatively, you could even build a gym in your yard by converting a shed or building an addition. 

Set your budget

Work out how much you can spend on your home gym. You may have dreams of being able to afford top quality equipment, but these may not be realistic dreams. Work out your budget so that you can avoid spending too much on equipment or remodelling. It could be worth taking the time to save up some money so that you’re not having to borrow money for equipment. 

Convert the space

Certain spaces may need to be decorated a little before using them as a gym. First, consider whether the flooring is suitable – for example, you may want to put some rubber mats down over hard flooring to offer extra grip and make it more comfortable. If you’re converting a garage or shed, consider whether you need to add lighting, electrical sockets or heating. Try to get rid of any clutter that may get in the way.

Buy your equipment

The next step is to buy your equipment. Try to invest in good quality equipment such as this Hoist Fitness workout equipment that you know you will get good use out of. It’s worth taking the time to shop around for the best deals. For expensive equipment, you may want to use finance. Alternatively, you may be able to find good quality used equipment for sale online. 

Entertain yourself as your exercise

The advantage of setting up your own home gym is that you can fully customize it to meet your personal preferences. If you’re motivated by watching movies as you workout, you can place a TV in your gym in exactly the right place you want it (such as directly in front of a treadmill or exercise bike). If you’re motivated by music, you can buy yourself a speaker to put in the room and blast out your favourite tunes as your workout. You can also decorate the space in a way that motivates you. 

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