Post: Simple Things To Change In Your Life This Week


Changing our lives for the better is something we should always strive for. Whether it be eating a healthier diet, changing our job, or making the effort to see friends. 

When it comes to improving your life, there are many small ways you can do it, and today we want to discuss some of these things. Whether it’s a tiny change or a larger one, even the simplest actions can have a monumental impact on your life as a whole. 

Change your savings account 

The first thing we want to talk about this week is changing your savings account to a high interest account. If you have been with the same bank since you remember, you might have opened a savings account with your bank and never thought to do anything else. However, if you look around at the interest rates for different banks, you may start to find that other ones have better rates than your own. If you are able to, moving your money from one bank account to another with a higher interest rate will do you the world of good and it will ensure that you maximise your savings throughout the years. 

Start working out 

It is all too easy as the colder seasons draw in to go into hibernation mode and stop with your fitness routine. It happens to most of us every year and that’s why we struggle getting back on the horse when it gets to new year. However, instead of stopping your journey for fitness this winter, find new ways to workout from the comfort of your home instead. This means things such as YouTube videos, Peloton classes, or even smart mirror fitness classes. By working out at home you might find it easier to stay focused on your goals and you won’t suffer that familiar winter bloat. 

Drink a ginger shot 

One of the best ways to start your morning if you want to be healthier and more alert is with a ginger shot. Ginger is a spice that will not only improve circulation around the body but it will also kickstart your metabolism and help you burn fat. You can make your own ginger shots at home by blending ginger, lemon, and coconut water until totally smooth. For best results drink this 20-30 minutes before you have your first coffee and your breakfast. 

Fix your computer 

If you have had the same computer for a long while now is and seems to always be freezing up,  now is the time to take action. You can either get your computer fixed at a repair shop and bring it back to full working order, or if it is too far gone consider investing in a new model. With the amount of our lives that is held online these days, it is so important to have a device that is capable of working properly. 

Save some money 

Saving money is always one of the biggest challenges of adult life. We all know how hard it can be to put money aside, and spending money on things we love is often too tempting to pass up. However, if you want to reach a saving goal in the next year or six months now is the time to start recording your earnings and spendings to ensure you always know where you are at financially. Spending money is easy, saving is not so simple. Make a spreadsheet where you can record everything you spend and earn every day. You can take out your monthly bills from this and add in your income, and track what you spend at the shops throughout the month too. It might seem like an extreme method however if you are a serial spender seeing your transactions in front of you is the best deterrent and it will instill better habits for you to follow. 

Repaint your home 

There is nothing more important than maintaining a comfortable and relaxing home for yourself and your family. As we go through life, jobs will change and lifestyles will alter however the home is where we come to relax and truly live out our days. For a quick refresh this week, consider repainting your home with a fresh coat of white and some bold feature colours to add personality. It’s a relatively simple task but will make your home feel renewed and rejuvenated. When we have been stuck in the same home for a long time, a refresh like this is needed and it can make you happier. 

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