Post: Soak in All Detroit Has to Offer

If you haven’t explored Detroit yet, you’re missing out. While it might not be at the top of your list of American cities to visit, it’s got so much to offer.

Whether you’re interested in American history and culture, or you’re just interested in a great nightlife and a good time in the city, Detroit should be your next port of call. So, here are some of what Detroit has to offer, so you can explore the Motor City and look great doing it.

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The Food Scene

Okay, everyone’s gotta eat. So we might as well make sure we find some good food to enjoy. Thankfully, Detroit has you covered

Detroit has a hugely multicultural makeup of people, which means that it’s got a truly amazing food scene. Between the local farming community that provides great wholesale produce and the skill and variety involved, you can’t lose.

Of course, you can’t visit Detroit without sampling Detroit pizza or coney hot dogs for the best of American cuisine. But you should also take advantage of the massive Lebanese scene, as well as restaurants featuring food from around the world.

The Nightlife

While you’re sampling some great food, why not wash it down with some great drink as well? The Bad Luck Bar is one of the most famous Detroit destinations out there, and there are plenty of other bars and clubs to explore when you want a good time.

The Culture

You can have a lot of fun in Detroit, but you can also learn a lot while you’re there. Detroit is most famous for its industrial history. After all, you don’t get called “the Motor City” for nothing! 

But it also hosts a great art, culture, and music scene. For example, the Motown Museum will take you through the history of Motown music and culture in Detroit. Motown is arguably the heart of Detroit, and it spread from a local scene into an international movement because it spoke to so many people. It deserves preservation.

But what else is there to offer?

Well, if you’re in love with Broadway, you’ll be happy to find that the theatre scene in Detroit is its closest competitor on this side of the Atlantic. The Fisher Theatre features high-quality performances in a stunning historic building, and you can also find other theatre houses for a similar experience.

You can also explore the rich artistic history of Detroit, by visiting galleries, huge exhibitions and projects, or even touring the city itself and taking in some of the best examples of street art in Detroit. 

Detroit has a rich, storied, and sometimes tragic history. In a way, it’s like America in a nutshell. Yeah, it’s a little bit rough around the edges, but the best places (and people) usually are.

There’s so much to do and explore in Detroit that, let’s be honest, you probably can’t cover it all in one weekend. So, plan your itinerary and consider your next trip soon.

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