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Have you ever travelled to Australia before? If you haven’t, then you need to put it on your list of places to be. You need to see the coast, from the Great Barrier Reef to the Gold Coast, Perth and the Northern Territory, you need to put all of the corners of Australia on your list of must-see places to visit. Even Uluru in the middle of the country is a sacred site to be seen.

The Western side of Australia is relatively unspoiled apart from the buildup of the coastal line from Perth. There are so many untouched wonders and you can check them out with the help of a Jeep. Road tripping up and down the country and going off the beaten path gives you a way to see Australia like no other. So, with that in mind, here are ten amazing reasons you should adventure out to Western Australia.

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  1. You will find the beaches. Making sure that you have the tires to hit the sand is important, but seeing the beaches in the West is even more important! If you go across the Nullarbor Plain, you’ll see a vast and empty stretch of desert that divides the South from the West. Some of the silkiest beaches are at this side of the country and you can even head to Lucky Bay – the clue is in the name! 
  2. You can hike. Oh, but can you hike! Get in the Jeep, drive to the trails and find the hearts of the forests there. Western Australia has plenty of Karri trees to be seen, and you can find a huge network of national parks just ready to be explored. You can even join the Tree Top Walks or drive the 80km to Karri Tree Explorer. It’s a scenic route that takes you through windmills, fairy pastures and forestry. It’s unspoiled and ready for your personal discovery.
  3. Climb that Gloucester Tree. When you get off the beaten path and leave the city centre of Perth, you’ll find the Gloucester Tree to be climbed. There is 72m of vertical panic and peg after peg, you’ll climb to the tallest of heights. It’s exciting – there’s no protective net, so probably even crazier. 
  4. Wander the wineries. When you choose to go off the beaten path you get to see the wineries – and is that a sight to be seen. You can DIY drive through the cellars and taste glasses here and there, but better than that, you can book tours and learn all about the land and the planting. 
  5. Road trip Highway 1. Through deserts and cattle properties, banana plantations and more, you’ll find that the North West Coastal Highway takes you through 1,320km of unfenced cattle stations and desert. It’s proper bush driving and it really does take you off that beaten path and into something amazing. You may have to go old school with the maps here, because your GPS is really not going to work in the same way. You need paper maps and even an Atlas to help you to navigate. You should always memorise the gas stations, too, and bring a full tank of fuel plus a carton or two, too. 

Image source: Pexels

  1. You can dune hop. If you’ve never done it before, you’ll love the Pinnacles Desert. You can ride buggies or drive the dunes and see the limestone pinnacles dotted all over the place. It’s all mystery and magic and you’ll love the adventure aspect of it!
  2. Head to Shark Bay. This UNESCO site is on the World Heritage List, and it’s a marine National Park that’s well known for the red cliffs contrasted beautifully with the striking white beaches. You’ll find dugongs and bottlenose dolphins, and you shouldn’t miss Shell Beach, either. A white beach made entirely of seashells, it’s something to be seen that really does differ from them all! It’s also the home to the Monkey Mia dolphin show and you can see the rangers feed the animals to show the tourists how beautiful they are. It’s a cheap tourist attraction but it’s one that you can see off the beaten path!
  3. Take yourself to Ningaloo Reef. The Western coast of Australia has its own Barrier Reef – did you know that? Most people think that the only Reef to be seen in Australia is on the Eastern Coast, and you can snorkel, dive and see the fullness of the Coral Bay here and you can enjoy the colourful fish, white beaches, you can go and see the turtles and whale sharks, too. You can book a boat trip and see the Reef through the glass bottom, and you’ll enjoy the sight of the manta rays swimming around, too.
  4. Go camping. If you want to really enjoy the authentic experience of Western Australia, you need to camp. You could take your group to the Exmouth, Cape Range National Park and camp under the stars. It’s a destination that cannot be missed if you are travelling and you will find that it has won several beach awards, too. You can camp under eucalyptus trees here, and you can’t do that in too many places. You will find that there is so much to do when you drive and camp, because there is always something to experience and enjoy.
  5. Hike the rocky national parks. It’s not all corals and white bays; there are plenty of national parks and Rockies to hike and camp in. Kalbarri National Park is one of the prettiest and in depth national parks here, with red canyons in the desert. You’ll also find Karijini National Park a beautiful place, with hiking trails and water pools. Lastly, think about the Purnululu National Park – one of the best geological landmarks in Western Australia. The mountain-like ranges here are beautiful and can be explored.

Essential Items to Pack for Your Western Australian Adventure

Before setting off on an adventure to Western Australia, it’s essential to pack some essential items to enhance the travel experience and ensure an unforgettable journey.

  1. Navigation tools: It is imperative that you bring along some reliable navigational tools, such as a GPS device or map of the area you plan to explore.
  2. Accurate Clothing: When packing for an outback adventure, be sure to pack appropriate clothing depending on the season – evenings can get very chilly in Australia’s outback! 
  3. Food and Water supplies for your trip plus extra supplies in case of emergencies are important as well. 
  4. First Aid Kit: Always carry an essential first aid kit just in case an injury should arise unexpectedly.
  5. Skincare Travel Kit: With Australia’s harsh sun in full force, make sure to pack a skincare travel kit containing sunscreen, moisturizer and lip balm to protect your skin during outdoor activities. Avoid getting sunburnt or dehydrated on your trip for ultimate relaxation – your skin will thank you!

Going off the beaten path is an exciting thing to do because you are going to explore entirely new places that you may never have seen before. 

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