Post: The 4 Things To Remember About “Dressing Our Age” 

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We always hear about “dressing for our age,” but is this actually correct? When we start to think about what we should be wearing based on our digits, it’s only going to limit our opportunities. So how about instead, we find the right ways to dress age-appropriately without worrying if we are dressing right or wrong

Think About Your Body Type

If you are looking for cute boutique tops, you are better off focusing on how those clothes fit. Our bodies change with age so we have got to find the right shapes that work for us now, but also how they will evolve over time. This can mean a bit of soul-searching in terms of our body type. There are a number of body types, including diamond, spoon, or hourglass, and having an idea of what your body shape and type is will give you a far better understanding of the things that suit you more. 

Look at the Quality of Clothing

Quality is always better than quantity. When you buy the best quality you can afford, this means you are investing in yourself. But you also have to start thinking about the items you currently have in your closet so you can get more wear out of fewer pieces. So many of us think that it’s better to have a larger wardrobe, but we’re all living in a world where we are becoming more conscious of fast fashion and the wider impacts of it. When you start to invest in quality, it helps you understand the clothes you wear more frequently. You could always declutter your closet and remove things that you haven’t worn in the last 6 months, but when you focus on quality, it also helps you to gain insight into the staples and basics that something like a leather jacket can work with. The whole point of focusing on quality is that you can pick one or two staples that go with anything while making sure that you are saving your pennies for something worthwhile that will not break in a number of months. 

The Occasion

While we may not like the idea of having to dress for the occasion constantly, the fact is that it’s one of the best ways to choose something that will fit your lifestyle. You’ve got to determine if what you are wearing is really appropriate. 

Dressing for Sophistication (Rather Than Your Age)

It is not true in the slightest that you should be age-appropriate, but rather you have to pay attention to what constitutes “a trend.” When we are talking about dressing age-appropriately, it is far better to focus on a balanced and proportionate look that highlights our favorite features. Rather than focusing on looking “young,” it’s better for you to pay attention to look more sophisticated. When you start to look at it from this perspective, you end up creating a wardrobe that suits you far better than following the trends. It is not about age at all!

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