Post: The Joy And Possibilities Of Owning A Digital Piano

Whether you’re buying a piano new or used, there are still some fundamental questions you need to ask. Primarily, you’ll want to decide between an acoustic and digital piano, and below we will discuss the benefits of digital. 

There are plenty of digital second-hand pianos for sale across the country. Some of these are of better quality than others and the condition of the instrument should always be one of your prime considerations when thinking about buying a piano. 

Purchasing a piano from a reputable dealer can help with this side of things. However, the choice of whether to choose an acoustic or digital instrument is very often one of personal preference and it all depends on what the piano is going to be used for and the space it will be occupying.

For instance, if it’s going to be in a room where other people will be present, practice time could be a problem with an acoustic piano. This is where a digital piano with headphone capabilities could be really useful. You can even connect your digital piano with your mobile phone or hearing aid. 

Those with hearing loss can benefit highly from learning an instrument, and digital pianos offer much more capability. You will need to choose a suitable and compatible hearing device, though. Plus, maintenance is critical too, as moisture damages hearing aids and so can earwax build-up. 

In addition, the maintenance costs of a digital piano are lower because the piano doesn’t require tuning or the regular maintenance that comes with an acoustic instrument, especially an older one. 

In case you’re worried that the only digital pianos available for creating music are upright pianos, don’t be. There are many digital grand pianos on the market, including hybrids too. Do your research before looking at pianos for sale. 

Finding a cheap piano stool for your piano 

So you have searched through the pianos for sale and have finally found your perfect one. The only problem is, it’s slightly over your budget, and buying it means less choice of stools. In fact, it leaves you with just the stool sales section. There is nothing wrong with any of the stools here, but they all involve some compromise on your idea of the perfect stool. 

It is perfectly acceptable to compromise on elements like colour, material, and even whether you have padding in the seat or not. You can have your stool repainted or recovered at a later date, or buy a cover to throw over it when it is not in use. Similarly, while padding is preferred for comfort, a cushion can be used. 

However, it is not acceptable to compromise on quality or fit. A stool in a sale may be cheap, but if it is too small it will affect your playing, and the same is true if it is too tall. If the quality of the adjustable stools in question is poor then it will cost you more in repairs or replacements in the long run. For this reason, you should never be tempted to purchase adjustable piano stools from anyone except a reputable piano expert, even when on sale.

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