Post: Tips to Help With Respiratory Issues

Respiratory health is one of the most common issues in children and adults because so many things can affect the lungs when breathed in it can be a real issue to some. Things like mould, allergens and pollution can all have a detrimental effect on your respiratory health. It is hard to reverse serious respiratory health but preventing it from getting worse or relieving it somewhat will really help your health.

When it comes to respiratory health, with so much affecting it, it can be hard to know where to start to help you overcome or prevent any issues. If you are unsure how you better your respiratory health and help prevent and relieve issues then these few tips should help you to get started on improving your respiratory health.

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Get and stay active

It may sound weird but using your lungs will really help your respiratory health, staying active for long periods of time can help to improve how your lungs function. By exercising whether it be anaerobic or aerobic you can increase the oxygen levels that your lungs can hold and how much you take in, this allows you to oxidise and make your lungs healthier. It also increases blood flow in your body which increases the blood oxygen level going to and from your lungs. 

Make sure to stay away from smoking and allergens

If you currently smoke or you are thinking of taking it up then don’t, smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer and disease. It leads to detrimental issues in your lungs and breathing, which leads to reduced life expectancy, so quitting smoking is a massive step to improving your lung health. But it shouldn’t stop there either you need to try and stay away from smokers and inhaling second-hand smoke as this can be just as bad over prolonged periods as smoking. Aswell as smoking natural occurring allergens also are detrimental to lung health, if you have allergens to things like dust you can purify the air with things like HVACs that will help to take impurities out and reduce any allergies you may have while in the home. You should also check on things like pollen count before going out as hayfever will affect your respiratory system and get you blocked up which will reduce your breathing and make you feel unwell. 

Use natural aids for your breathing

There are plenty of natural things you can do to help with your respiratory health, things such as breathing steam, using dry salt therapy and just changing what you eat. All of these things can help with your breathing and respiratory health, you can even go on breathing retreats that help with breathing difficulties and lung issues, using all-natural therapy. You can also train and help your lungs and breathing using different exercises, there are loads of breathing techniques you can use through meditation to not only promote relaxation and destress but also increase the health of your breathing. 

If you feel you struggle with your respiratory health or you want to prevent any health issues in yourself or your children, but you are unsure where to start. Then these few tips should help you to understand what can affect lung health and help you reduce the issues you are having. 

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