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We all want to travel but if you have additional needs for accessible travel it can feel rather frustrating to get everything organized. Traveling is supposed to be a fun and enriching experience but if you have been upset by the lack of accessible options in the past, you might find the planning to be rather daunting. With any kind of disability, going away and enjoying yourself isn’t easy but with support and asking the right questions, you can be sure that you’ll have a trip that caters to every single need.

Your research into the benefits of assistive listening devices, the benefits of asking for help when you travel and where you can go will help you massively when it comes to an enjoyable trip. Your vacation should be a happy and relaxing one and it’s so much easier when you pour your efforts into research! So, let’s give you our top tips for better, more accessible travel planning.

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  1. Put accessibility first. When you are choosing where to go for your vacation, put your need for accessibility in mind first. Prioritizing vacations that make you comfortable will ensure that you always have a great time. Looking for destinations that pride themselves on offering accessibility is important, as is choosing companies that offer hotels and vacations that commit to ADA compliance.
  2. Make sure that you look into digital accessibility. If a vacation or hotel company isn’t offering digital accessibility, you should think twice whether you should book with them in the first place. Search for accessible accommodation on websites that are WCAG-compliant and you’ll have that confidence that they put people first. You can also think ahead by sending money abroad before your arrival in a particular country. You can transfer money internationally with ease and securely online, which will allow you to make a point of feeling safe while you travel.
  3. Look into accessible travel resources. Whether you are traveling in a wheelchair or you need help with your hearing during the booking process, you should ensure that you are looking for accessible travel resources like these. These are the resources that you need to provide accessible options around the world to you, allowing you to make the right decision when it comes to your vacation.
  4. Make sure that all options are disability compliant. You should always prioritize airlines with additional help options, accommodation with additional wheelchair ramps and grab bars. The reason for this is that these are the options that will put you first as the customer even with additional needs. Wider doorways in hotels and bathrooms that are wheelchair accessible are always more welcome. Accessible parking options should also be on your list. If you go to different websites and the accessibility features are not listed, then consider calling the site and seeing for yourself whether they have additional features for disabilities. 
  5. Make your route accessible. Not only do you want your vacation to be comfortable, you don’t want to have to struggle in getting there. When you plan your trip, research all of the most accessible routes available to you so that you can ensure that you get there on time and in one piece. Buses, trains, trams, ferries – whatever mode of transportation you’re going to need, make sure that you can get there in one piece. Flights can be accessible and you can hire wheelchairs or electric chairs at the airport if you need it. You can also get priority boarding passes for a range of transportation options so that you are first on and first off with an extra hand. 
  6. Book your activities in advance. If you need support with moving to activities or between activities, booking these in advance with the additional accommodations will help. There are so many different attractions that offer accommodations for those with disabilities and you’ll find that so many places are often really nice to deal with. Accessible activities are just as fun and should be contacted at your earliest convenience to make them aware of your needs in advance.
  7. Consult for a service animal. Have you considered you may need additional support with an animal? If you already have a service animal, you may want to think about things you should put in place when you go abroad. Can you bring them with you? Are there places that you cannot go? These are things to consider and you need to ask questions about in advance so that you can be ready for anything.

You deserve to have the absolute best time of it on your vacation and ensuring that you can get the access you need is the best place to begin. Travel is for everyone regardless of status!

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