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Did you know that sleep is directly linked to your health? Not getting enough quality sleep can significantly impact your health. But it also works the other way around – if you are not taking care of your health, you may find that your sleep is impacted. This can become a vicious cycle, and you begin to feel extremely exhausted and unwell. Sleep is so important as it will help you function like a normal human being. When you don’t sleep properly, your blood pressure, cardiovascular health, your appetite, your breathing, your immune system, your stress tolerance, and much more are impacted. It will also impact your ability to make decisions, be creative, pay attention, solve problems, communicate effectively, and feel happiness. To help you on your sleep journey, and improve your sleep for better health, here are some top tips. 

#1 Wind down before bed 

Many people will make the mistake of using smart devices or watching television right up to the moment they fall asleep. Unfortunately, this is not good for you or your sleep. The bright lights and the entertainment will stimulate your brain, so while your eyes might feel tired, your body is not ready to go to sleep. This is partly because you are engaged in something, but also because the specific lights that are emitted block your body’s natural signals. Your body will typically get signals from the environment to tell it to start winding down for bed and producing the right chemicals that will aid in sleep, for example, the evening getting darker and you slowing down. It is therefore important that if you want to improve the amount and the quality of sleep you get, that you wind down properly before bed. Take away screens for at least an hour before you sleep, and keep activities to a minimum. Don’t exercise or do anything active or engaging before you sleep. 

There are many things you can do in the evening to help you wind down, such as meditation, a yoga class, reading a book, and journaling in a notebook. You can also find supplements such as herbs and mireya CBD to help. 

#2 Create a good routine 

A good routine will help you prepare for bed. Not only will it signal to your body that you are going to sleep, but it will also help you go to bed and get up at a similar time every day, which can be extremely helpful when trying to get to sleep. When it becomes a routine, you will find that you settle down easier in bed and that you fall asleep much quicker, because your brain and body know what to do. Make a whole routine out of it and get your bags ready for work the next day, wash your face, brush your teeth, and anything else you need to do. This will ensure you get everything completed and you don’t need to get up again or go to bed thinking about what you need to do, which can hinder your sleep. 

#3 Create a calm environment

The environment that you sleep in will impact your sleep. For example, if your room is chaotic and messy, then your brain will find it harder to relax and switch off. Instead, you should turn your bedroom into a relaxing oasis. Think about the colors, the lights, the smell, and the temperature. Make sure it is a cozy place you can get some good rest in. 

Sleep is really important for your health. Follow these top tips to help improve your sleep today. 

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