Post: Upping Your Motivation Levels: Tips To Help You Stick With A New Workout Regime

We’ve all been there. You start a new workout regime full of enthusiasm and energy only to find that a few weeks later, your motivation levels are dropping like a stone. It can be tough to stick with a workout plan if you’re finding it hard to push yourself to get off the couch or go for a run. In this guide, we’ll offer some simple steps you can take to up your motivation levels. 

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Get friends and family involved

One of the best ways to have fun when you exercise and push yourself a little harder is to get friends and family involved. If you have a training buddy, you go running with a friend, or you join an exercise class with a neighbor or a family member, you may feel more relaxed, your sessions may be more enjoyable and you may find that you respond positively to a bit of healthy competition. Socialize, use exercise as an excuse to hang out with friends and encourage others around you to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle. 

Turn the music up

If you’re finding it hard to muster up the enthusiasm to go to the gym, or you feel like exercise is a chore, turn the music up, put the radio on, download workout playlists or make your own mix. Exercising to music is fun, it helps you to focus on what you’re doing and it can make you work harder. Check out playlists like those available from FITRADIO for Gyms, see what other people listen to when they train and tailor your playlist to the activity. You can opt for fast-paced soundtracks for cardio workouts and weights or something slightly more relaxing and calming for yoga and swimming sessions. 

Hire a trainer

Many people find it hard to hit their peak when they train. If you feel like you’re not giving it 100% but you don’t know how to eke out that extra bit of effort, hiring a personal trainer or joining a training group is a great idea. Trainers have experience in working with individuals who have targets and goals and they can tailor sessions and workout programs to help you achieve your objectives. Trainers are there to instruct and offer advice, but they can also be excellent cheerleaders. 

Try something different

Has exercise become boring? Do you dread the next workout? If you’re tired of doing the same thing day in, day out, try something different. You don’t have to lift weights or run for miles every day to get fit. You can play all kinds of sports and try myriad activities. Join a spin, dance or aqua aerobics class, check out local sports clubs and teams, get out into the great outdoors or alternate going to the gym with working out at home. Varying your workouts can make them more enjoyable and help you to stay motivated. 

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Maintaining high levels of motivation can be tough when you embark upon a new workout regime. If you’re struggling to summon the energy to exercise regularly, take these tips on board. 

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