Post: What Is Organic Growth?


When a business wants to grow, but only grow organically, they are not talking about putting more plants in the office. What they mean is, to go on an all-out offensive. This won’t be with spears and hand grenades, it will be with specific marketing tactics. The heart and soul of this style of marketing is SEO. SEO marketing is the best way to grow organically and meet new customers and turn them into loyal customers. This takes time and it takes patience. But what do we mean by organic growth?

What is organic growth? 

This is when you are specifically targeting new customers who don’t even know you exist. They will be people who are almost on the edge of looking towards your brand or they might be totally unaware. You are not trying to woo your existing customers, hence you will be making new content for this new audience, but covering topics to which loyal customers are already exposed to. So you will talk about the features of your product, how it will be useful to people, what the price is compared to others, what kinds of materials you use, and linking it to current trends on social media.  

How does SEO achieve it?

SEO marketing is the top dog for organic growth because it is the kind of informative and educational content. This is whereby you do a number of things in one post. You introduce a new product or service type, you introduce what you do, you show how customers could benefit from your product and how to improve something in their lives. For example, you may be a weed killer company and you make a post showing homeowners how to clean up their garden. You show them how to efficiently rake leaves, how to clean the gutters, how to mow the lawn more effectively and then you interject with your own product. It’s not just, hey buy this! It’s about making content readers find useful and then showing them how your product would help them in some way.

Long term results

You need to also make content that will be able to give your long-term results. You can learn more here if you focus on how great keyword selection can help to move your content higher in the rankings for all search engines. With high-quality content, using the keywords and keyphrases properly along with proper coding will award you with higher search engine result page rankings. You will also need to use keywords in meta descriptions so users can scroll down and find the words that match their search, without needing to click on the link itself. This is something Google recommends as well. 

Organic growth is all about attracting new blood, new faces and promoting your products as if you were introducing them to someone on the street. Short, sharp, effective SEO marketing like meta descriptions and more informative content can really sway things. 

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