Post: What it Really Means to Eat a Balanced Diet

What it Really Means to Eat a Balanced Diet

When it comes to food, you may have heard the term balanced diet before. But do you really know what it means? If you’re looking for a healthier way to look at your foods and make sure that you’re eating in a way that serves you best, this could be what you need (especially if you want to enjoy all of your favorite comfort foods). In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at a balanced diet and why it could be great for you.

What is a Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet really is just how it sounds – balanced. This means that you’re eating enough of the nutrients that your body needs to support itself and keep you healthy, as well as all the really yummy things we love to eat. It’s not about restricting or limiting or eating less, it’s about balancing it all out.

The Problem with Diet Culture

When you look at exactly what balance means, it’s hard not to notice that diet culture really isn’t that. And there’s something incredibly damaging and toxic about it. Food is a resource and it’s there to be enjoyed. There shouldn’t be any need to cut things out, restrict what you eat, or even starve yourself in order to lose weight or be considered “healthy”. It can do your health a disservice.

The Importance of Nourishing Your Body

Instead, the way that is much more helpful to look at food, is that it’s a fuel. It’s a resource that has the power to give you energy and boost your health. There are no good and bad foods – and it’s certainly not good for you to eat less. Instead, it can help to focus on what to add into your diet and what to eat more of, rather than feeling like you have to eat less.

Food is to be Enjoyed

When we’re trying to change our relationship with food, we tend to focus on it more as an enemy or we try to restrict it in some way. But that can do more harm than good. So, instead, it’s good to remember that food is there to be enjoyed too. Again, this is all about balance – nourishing your body and enjoying your favorite foods. Whether that’s pizza, Canadian Chocolate Bars & Candy Bars, fries, or anything else in between. You should absolutely be able to enjoy food without restriction.

Finding a Balance That Works for You

It’s always going to be the way that you need to be able to find a balance with your food that works out best for you. It’s all too easy to overthink what you eat or find comfort in food or make your relationship more complicated than it needs to be. Even reading information online can be challenging to digest as there’s no one-size fits all approach to what you should eat. It’s all about finding out what works best for you and choosing the most comfortable balance for your lifestyle.

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