Stream ‘Dj Smoke – Make Rappers RAP Again’ Mixtape: A Fusion of Mainstream Hits, Freestyles and Underground Vibes

DJ Smoke’s latest project, “Make Rappers RAP Again,” is more than just a mixtape—it’s a movement. This compilation is making waves across multiple platforms, proving its worth in the hip-hop community. The mixtape’s raw energy and lyrical depth have caught the attention of numerous sites, each showing love and support in their unique way.

Why This Mixtape Matters

“Make Rappers RAP Again” is a bold statement, bringing listeners back to the core of hip-hop with its powerful beats and authentic storytelling. DJ Smoke has curated a blend of tracks that highlight both mainstream artists and underground talent, making it a must-listen for any rap enthusiast.

Widespread Support

The mixtape’s impact is evident in its widespread support across major platforms. Livemixtapes, with its leading streams and front-page exposure, is at the forefront, showcasing the mixtape’s popularity. Audiomack, MyMixtapez, and TopMixtapes are also amplifying its reach, giving fans easy access to this collection of bangers.

Diverse Platforms, One Message

From Off The Ave to Mixcloud, Podomatic to Spotify, and Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes to 24/7 Mixtapes, the mixtape’s presence is undeniable. Each platform offers a unique way for fans to engage with the music, ensuring that DJ Smoke’s message resonates far and wide.

Media Outlets Showing Love

The mixtape’s buzz extends beyond streaming sites. Blogs and media outlets like TopHotHitsUSA, SheBloggin, Smoked Out Radio, AGTV, Hip-Hop Fight Club, and TentTv are all singing its praises. These platforms highlight the mixtape’s ability to bridge mainstream hits with underground vibes, capturing the essence of true hip-hop.

Community and Culture

Websites like Hood X, World Wrap Federation, Super Star Central, and I am HipHop are celebrating the mixtape for reviving the core values of rap. They emphasize the importance of authentic lyricism and the mixtape’s role in keeping the culture alive.

Get Involved

For aspiring artists, this mixtape is a beacon of hope. DJ Smoke’s open call for new talent means that your music could be next.

Follow @Djsmokemixtapes and @TopHotHitsUSA for updates, and send your tracks to This is your chance to be heard and join a movement that’s bringing rap back to its roots. Or let us know what music you would like to hear on the next mixtape!

Join the Movement

“Make Rappers RAP Again” isn’t just about listening to great music—it’s about being part of a community that values real rap. So, plug in, turn up the volume, and let’s keep the beats banging and the rhymes flowing. Together, we can ensure that real hip-hop never fades away.

Listen Now

Dive into “Make Rappers RAP Again” on Livemixtapes & our playlist on Spotify and join the movement that’s redefining rap in 2024.



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