(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Harlem Sekani feat. Black Dave – Therapist @harlemsekani

Here’s a submission for Tastemaker Tuesdays from Harlem artist Harlem Sekani called “Therapist” featuring Black Dave. This is the first single off of his debut, self produced/mixed/mastered mixtape “20”. It is set to release on his 20th birthday, 2/20/15.

Hit the jump to see what Wendy Day had to say about this post.

From Wendy:

I really like the smoothness of the track. The flow comes off a bit choppy and robotic in places, especially the beginning. I’d love for it to be as smooth and seamless as the beat. Maybe it’s my speakers, I just feel the flow could be a bit smoother. I admire artists who do it all: rap, produce, engineer, etc. It’s difficult to be good at one thing, so it’s impressive when someone can do it all. This is a strong song, I’d just tighten up the vocals a bit. With the artist development that comes naturally as artists record more and more over time, Harlem Sekani is going to be a force to be reckoned with!!

After giving this a second listen: it sounds like the artist is talking over the beat instead of rapping. Also, I’d turn up the vocals on the hook. It almost sounds like the hook is too far in the background.

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