The Importance of a Relatable Voice In Legal Firms’ Marketing

The Importance of a Relatable Voice In Legal Firms’ Marketing

There is no denying that the legal sector is one that loves jargon. While, of course, jargon is necessary and is a part of lawyers’ everyday routine, this can also affect communication with clients and the public. Complex legal terminology can pose significant challenges for audiences, which makes a legal firm’s messages confusing and hard to relate to. 

Legal jargon is necessary. But it can rapidly become intimidating and overwhelming for the average person who may require legal services but doesn’t want to become fluent in what social media now calls “Legalese”, aka the legal language. Essentially, Legalese refers to technical terms and phrases that are specific to unique scenarios in the legal profession. This can create a wall between individuals without a legal background and lawyers. The truth is that, while clients rely on lawyers to handle the complexity of legal negotiations and documentations, they also want to be able to understand how a legal firm can help them. 

Excessive jargon in any industry sector can impede marketing and communication activities. When it comes to a legal firm, this can even affect growth by putting off potential clients. So what does Legalese generate when it permeates marketing content? To put it simply, it can alienate potential clients seeking assistance. It also makes legal firms appear unapproachable and out of touch with the reality of their clients’ everyday lives. The bottom line: Legalese does not belong in marketing campaigns, as it could result in missed opportunities and reduced credibility. 

Instead, legal firms must learn to adapt a relatable voice and speak the same language as their audience group. This not only fosters a sense of trust but it also establishes a genuine connection. So, what can legal firms do to deliver messages that are engaging and easy to comprehend for the audience? How can  you bridge the communication gap between a law expert and an untrained client?The answer is simple: You need to focus on channels that showcase relatable messages.

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Ditch LinkedIn for Facebook

While LInkedIn is a popular platform for professionals, Facebook boasts a larger and more diverse user base. Many potential clients, including individuals seeking legal assistance, spend considerable time on Facebook. By utilizing this platform effectively, you can grow your firm by investing in Facebook advertising and create a community. 

Facebook elevates communication strategies, allowing legal firms to avoid jargon and develop a straightforward and friendly voice. 

Embrace your inner blogger

Blogging is a powerful tool in digital marketing, and enables legal firms to target search terms used by their audience. By writing SEO-optimized blog posts, legal firms can naturally tone down their jargon use. Indeed, potential clients are more likely to phrase their search terms without using any jargon words. 

For lawyers, a blog post can become the opportunity to illustrate complex concepts in an accessible format without needing to use jargon. Breaking down complex topics into layman’s terms not only avoids the jargon but also positions the firm as a relatable source of information. 

In a highly competitive landscape, such as the legal sector, marketing can become an important differentiating factor. Legal firms can use their marketing activities to break down language barriers and foster meaningful connections with their potential clients.

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