The Story Behind CEO & Host Of Access GRANTed Podstream Mr. Antwon

Get to know CEO and host Antwon Grant. Tap into his story below.

Known in the media world as “Mr. Antwon”, Antwon Grant joined the industry in 2014 as the founder and host of Baltimore Flava Radio along with his team of Dame Hunter, Mocha Soule and the late comedian CJ Burney on the WPB Radio network. The show ran weekly on Friday nights at 10 PM, then moved to Wednesday nights at 7 when the move was made to the Radio On Fire Network. The show then moved to WMSK Online radio a year later and Antwon also co-created a show called Dad Rap which was his first paid hosting gig.

After being a part of 3 networks, Antwon decided to take things to the next level and along with his then partners, Jay McGraw and AMichele, started the Worldwide Flava network. The three brought along their previously created shows, Baltimore Flava Radio, Freestyle Friday, The Entrepreneur Corner, and Baltimore Flava Gospel, and signed several successful shows to the network.   Antwon and Jay McGraw then decided to re-brand and create the Power 4.4 radio, bringing along many shows and signing new shows as well. 

In 2020, just as the pandemic hit, Mr. Antwon, stepped down as host of Baltimore Flava Radio and as co-owner of Power 4.4 Radio, leaving it with Jay, and focused on personal life and health. In November of that year, he returned to the airwaves with The Access GRANTed Podstream…. a podcast that he is running independently.  With this show, he has been able to connect with guests and audiences globally.  In addition to some well-known names such as Melba Moore, Speech from Arrested Development, Digital Underground and others, he has also made sure to keep a balance and interview many independent artists and entrepreneurs from around the country and specially keeping Baltimore artists as a focus of the show.  

In 2022, Antwon launched his signature Long Island Iced Tea (Dirty Half and Half), curated by his business partner TipseePheen.  There is also now a signature Rum Punch available.  The two just celebrated their first successful year with the signature drinks and the plan is to hopefully have these drinks available for retail in the coming year or so.  He has also just recently created Access GRANTed Enterprises, LLC which will serve as the parent company for media ventures, the signature drinks, merchandise and future business endeavors. 

Connect with Mr. Antwon

FB – Antwon Grant and Access GRANTed the Podstream

IG – @mr.antwon and @access_granted_ag

X – @accessgrantedag 

Show Channel – YouTube – Access GRANTed the Podstream, and on all streaming platforms

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