Transitioning From Blogging to Vlogging: 4 Steps to Success

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Working as a blogger has a very specific set of skills that many people may think naturally can translate to a different medium like video blogs. But if you are looking to transition from blogging to vlogging you’ve got to make a few major adjustments. Let’s show you how you can make the change seamless.

Understand the Equipment Needs

While doing video blogs naturally encompasses presentation to camera there’s a lot more to ensure that you are still putting across your tone of voice in the same way as you would a blog. Telling your stories through video requires a much more varied palate but it also means you can run into more problems. This is especially true with regard to copyright issues for things like music. While there’s plenty of royalty free music, you should start by ensuring that you can naturally tell your story that encapsulates your tone of voice through your blogs, but in a more personal format.

Practice Your Presentation

You might have fine-tuned your approach to blogging and this means you’ve figured out the right types of wording that make you come across as natural as possible. The biggest issue in relation to video blogs is that you’ve got to come across as authentic. You may think that it’s a better idea to script your video blogs but will this mean you come across like you are reading from a script? Reading from a script is only going to work if you can come across naturally. So think about bullet points rather than agonizing over every single word. Some people like to speak naturally but others find the balance between the two works wonders because planning the content means you’ve got a structure, but you can also put across that authenticity that will invariably work wonders.

Choose Your Platform

To choose the right type of platform you’ve got to define your niche and your audience. You may already have a better understanding of your audience through your blog and this means you’ve just have to go to the platform that your target market uses the most. However, when you decide whether to go for TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube you’ve got to play the odds and see what sort of format works best for you and the audience. TikTok is all about super quick content but YouTube can lend itself to longer formats.

Don’t Forget the Blogger Basics You Already Know

Doing video blogs is about making sure that you are consistent so you can establish a regular schedule to build your audience, and promote your content in the right ways, but you should also apply your SEO knowledge to this as well. The relevant keywords that go in the tags, descriptions, and title will also work wonders to push you further up the search engine rankings.

Making that transition may seem straightforward in one respect but complex in another. You have to be aware that it will take time and there will be a lot of lessons learned. But if you feel like your blogs need repurposing or you’re bored of creating written content, be sure to embrace the opportunities and the learning experiences along the way.

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