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Vandes Jackson (@vandesjackson_ ) – “Good Bait” [MUSIC]

Vandes Jackson releases his latest single “Good Bait” to his fans

Vandes Jackson grew up in a world of diverse sounds. He is an American record producer, songwriter, musician, and artist hailing from the culturally diverse city of Chicago, Illinois. Jackson began making music in a home studio attic on the south side of the city as a small child. His music is widely considered ‘underground’ musically within motion – but the obvious truth is there is a peculiar appeal, and charm to his music that has been proven to attract listeners of all genres globally. 

Vandes Jackson has most certainly proved he much more than just a producer, however, he’ll forever consider himself an artist at the very least. He paints a picture of ‘many more fish in the sea’ as he sheds light on the challenges of balancing love, and modern musical independence. Last September, the artist released the highly successful self-produced ‘Power.’  The 8th single of the summer entitled “Good Bait” produced by Jackson, gives a heart-chilling projection over a Chicago-style rage-drill track that is simply timeless. This single comes just three months after “Rage Baby”, a month after “Scholarship, and a week after  “Win” all with signature Vandes Jackson production. 

Vandes Jackson

In a recent follow-up about the single, Vandes states, “I really enjoy having the creative control to be free even within my independence. From the record label to my previous relationship,  I don’t take that for granted one bit! That’s why Bentley Records has become like a family. They don’t stop greatness, and they allow me to express what I feel no matter what. Know why? Because at the end of the day…it’ll be a hit. Non-negotiable.  Good Bait is ironic because if you know ‘how to charge it to the game’, you know you’re the real bait. If you’re not being chased, there’s something wrong. There are just consequences to being THAT good of a catch. You have to get uncomfortable, you have to make sacrifices…”  

Vandes has worked with various major and independent artists from all across the world. Today, he continues to expand musically and strives for effortless perfection and longevity. Some of his most notable and recent collaborations include Sy Ari Da Kid, Bobby Kritical, Paxquiao, 24Hrs, Ayoo KD, DJ Blakboy(Playboi Carti), DJ SR(Sy Ari Da Kid), Schweinbeck LLC, Radial by The Orchard, Sony Music Publishing, and BeatStars Publishing- just to name a few. 

The rumor mill is saying a video for the track “Good Bait”, is currently in the works for October as a fall segue into some other highly anticipated releases for Vandes. Vandes is a multi-faceted musical prodigy. He has been on his grind behind closed doors for well over a decade. Not only has he mastered playing percussion, and piano, but he is also a gifted producer, songwriter, and entertainer. While Jackson wears many hats, he wears them all very well. We are excited to see what’s in store for this rising star! Connect with VJ on his website and all social media and digital music platforms.










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