Who’s “Dancing With a Spanish Jawn”, Rise Rashid

Seasoned indie artist Rise Rashid shows off his dexterity in his new single “Dancing With a Spanish Jawn.” The single is taken from his latest album ‘Coach Rise.’

“Dancing With a Spanish Jawn” is a catchy, semi-erotic track sure to get everyone off their feet and onto the dancefloor shaking a*sses and hips. In doing so, Rashid spots a woman who ignites his lyrical rendezvous. She doesn’t know who he is, where he’s from, or what he does, he serves as a complete mystery to her. Because of that, she assumes Rashid cant handle her. While she takes the lead he can only wonder, can she really handle him…He’s ready for the night to play out while the island vibes heat up the dancefloor and night. Stream “Dancing With a Spanish Jawn” and connect with Rise Rashid @riserashid on all platforms.



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