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WoozyOffDat id a recording artist based out of the NW. He has been a brand that people could relate too since he started. From his real life accounts of growing up and dealing with mental illness, not only with himself but also his family, to the revisiting of his days on the block as a drug dealer, Woozy let’s you know that he really is Off Dat.

His latest video, “No Feelings”, takes a look at WoozyOffDat at different points of his life. The first verse focuses on him in the moment today, his non apologetic attitude shines through in his words. The second verse takes it a little farther back to when he was 17 and he was less established. Life was much more unsure due to jail and addiction was unable to find stable footing in life, hence the face full of tats and the anti social behavior. Woozy has a story to tell and he’s determined as ever to share it with his fans. Tune into the chapters of his life below.

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