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Carson Key parleys early success into push for international stardom 

RICHMOND, VA – Carson Key is a name you need to have on your radar. 

Prior to the COVID pandemic, this young artist from the East Coast was creating quite a buzz among the music industry. His song “Neverland” – a kind of remix of Ruth B’s “Lost Boy” – has seen nearly 15 million views on YouTube. He’s caught the attention of mega-artists Soulja Boy and Ramsey The Great – even collaborating with them on a song. He’s had meetings with major A&Rs and labels, and is primed to become one of the music industry’s hottest new international artists.  

Fans who don’t know him can check out his latest hit single, “Break Ups,” across all streaming platforms. Inspired by a tragic experience between he and an ex-girlfriend, the song showcases his melodic style and raw talent as a rapper and all-around artist. As soon as listeners hear his unique sound and style, they’ll know why so many A&Rs have said that he’s difficult describe in the best of ways. He’s diverse, and his ability to weave words around any beat or instrumental is second-to-none. 

“I’ll do a song like ‘Break Ups’ – which is more melodic than anything else – and then do a song like ‘Barkin’ – which is about to come out and is more Trap and upbeat – and people will see how my style is so unlike anything else out there,” Key said. “When I’m in the studio, I’m just writing how I feel in the moment. I don’t have a set genre. I just want listeners to be able to take the lyrics and apply to them any situation in their own lives.” 

Key said he first got started with music when he was 14 years old. At the time, his older sister passed away and he dealt with a lot of PTSD from the traumatic experience. He started writing as a method to cope with those overwhelming feelings. Eventually he started putting his lyrics online, and people gave him some great feedback. By age 16 he was recording, and he hasn’t looked back since. Now at age 24 he’s trying to parley his early success into more of an international presence. He’s taking his songs like “Food For Thought” – which features Soulja Boy – and “Neverland” and using them to build momentum for a push into even larger audiences.  

Following “Break Ups,” Key said he plans to drop an album called “Colder Than December.” Exploring the come-up and the challenges he and his team have had to overcome to get to where they are, the project will serve as the perfect winter mix. He said the first single from that project, also called “December,” should release in mid-to-late November ahead of the full album.  


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