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Chi Mercy experiences spiritual awakening,
revamps sound as way to bring light to the world

CHICAGO, IL – After a lifetime of music that saw him with modest success at a young age, artist Chi Mercy thought he was ready to take things to the next level. About four years ago – after three full U.S. tours with multiple artists and more than a decade of successful single releases – Chi Mercy decided to launch his own independent record label called Sky Gang Music. He moved from Chicago to Indianapolis, and his talent put him on the map pretty quickly. Everybody referred to him as “the guy from Chicago,” and they started calling him Young Chi Baby.

But owning his label wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and the business side of the industry was difficult. He did what he could to make ends meet, but the more he struggled with the business, the harder it was for him to remember his passion for making music. After four years, Sky Gang Music has nearly deflated, and Chi was faced with a real life decision: to continue with music, or to walk away and pursue a new career.

“For the first time in my life I really dug in spiritually,” he said. “It was a hard time, but I felt like I was given mercy from a higher power, and with that came knowledge. In Indianapolis, in a sense, I was spared. And now I see people all around me struggling and not getting anywhere or progressing in life, and it’s because they’re lacking knowledge. I decided to take on the name Chi Mercy because I had to receive mercy before knowledge, and I want to spread that to others. I take that name with pride everywhere I go. That’s what I’ve become known for. Mercy is the core of who I am, and my music gives me the vehicle to show that truth.”

Chi’s new record label is appropriately called Mercy Pro Co., and his first project is a new EP called “Trapped in Tehuti,” which is slated to release sometime close to Christmas. It’s a deeply personal and creative project that shows off Chi’s artistic side in all its many forms.

“It’s a project that shows where I get some of my character from,” he said. “It’s spiritual and gives people a way to look at life a little different. I want to be known for being everything artistic and more than just music itself. My music might be how you caught my light and were exposed to me, but I’m also an artist and a graphic designer and a photographer and so much more. I also do a lot of volunteer work with the Boys & Girls Club, which shows that I want to do a lot with the mercy that’s been shown to me and give that back to others.”

Though Chi Mercy’s new EP won’t be ready until the end of the year, he does have a recent mixtape called “Still Above Water” that fans can check out on his YouTube channel.
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