My submissions email and process is getting ridiculous, so I’ve simplified it to this:

NO MP3 ATTACHMENTS, and please include artwork with submission.

Give a brief description of what you are submitting.

Include your Twitter, and other social media handles.

Send submissions to

I’ve given ya’ll way to much free game over the years about knowing how to send proper emails to a blog, so I’m sure you’ll send what I need. In case you need a refresher, check this out: 5 Ways to Appropriately Submit Music to a DJ or Blog.

P.S. We also accept streetwear and fashion tips.

For public relations or assistance with exposure for your music, check out Lotti Creatives, and email Tasha @

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Biz Castro, I am a 23 year old rapper from Boston residing in Washington, D.C. I have completed a mix tape I am releasing next Tuesday and would like to inquire about having the mix tape featured on your page. I have included a link to my sound cloud page for reference ( Please let me know how to proceed and also if you would like me to forward the tape.

    Thank you,

    1. My name is Michael Brooks, I’m 24 years of working age I been working on music for 2 years however I been working on music seriously for about 3 months. I’m from Dover Delaware and upper Darby played apart in my life as I moved Around the area when I was just 14. I recently been working on my mixtape call “legit memories“ which is set to release (September 24) I am excited to express how I feel to the world. If you like my sound and what I’m doing go to my SoundCloud and check me out, let me know if we can proceed.

      Thank you,

  2. Hi there,

    We have been a regular visitor of your music site since last couple of months and we would like to do some media buying from you. Please do let us know the demographic of your traffic per average day and the cost per CPM if we choose to try out some media buying from you.

    Thank you!

    With Warm Regards,
    Market Mongoose team

  3. KNOW THAT: Please view up n coming artist Rickey J new video “know that” captured and spliced by me. I am a video production company and am looking to build relationships with bloggers, if you like what you see let me know, this is the latest out their from artist Rickey j live ATL and video from druwhiteproductions

  4. Releasing my second project and looking to get attention outside my state. I’m interested in any type of business we could conduct together to make this a possibility. This link is to the first video for the project. I’m open to suggestions or any feedback you may be able to give

  5. My name is Eli Bonilla im part owner of RecklessEnt (hip hop, rap, pop, new age rap) based out of Gainesville,Ga north of Atlanta
    Here a link to our mixtape featuring 4 of my artists : Reckless, O.D.L.E, DotGastby, and Kama Keezy
    Out of our 13 songs…the one thats had the most plays has been track #1 called “Burn”. But personally I think the whole mixtape is killing everyone in the game. Thank you for taking the time to read all this and i hope you enjoy it

  6. Hi just submitting this great song i came across today on youtube, its by a west coast hip hop artist that goes by 2real, this song caught my attention due to the fact this kid can rap his ass off & his story telling is on point ! check out this song he did called heart broken… in it he tell a story of heart break & complications with relationships

    2REAL – Heart Broken (Remix)

  7. Greetings

    I’m size. A rapper producer and entrepreneur from SOUTH AFRICA. I’ve assembled a talented group of rappers and established a record label still in its infancy. Please take some time to view our cypher. Thank you for your time and virtual hospitality.

    kind Regards

    Detroit emcee/skateboarder NICKY$TIX joins forces with motor city representative Mr. Chief on an abstractly divine visual combining the desolate grittiness of “THE D”, alongside the illustrious woodlands of Pure Michigan. “GAWDS” is the 1st release off of NICKY$TIX upcoming project “Anti-Origami” slated to transcend the digital clouds in the fall of 2015. Pull out a glass of vodka, fill it with some electro-lights, and vibe out to the Yung GAWDS of the mitten state!


  9. Looking to expand our audience with your brand please let us know of anyway we can be more efficient. Didn’t see a way to subscribe please let us know how we may support your site.

  10. Hello,
    My name is Yuseff. I’m from Brooklyn, NY, but currently go to college at MIT in Boston. I recently started putting up some songs, and I am looking to get my sound out. I think I have top quality material: creativity, lyricism, and flow. As a point of reference, my soundcloud is
    I hope if you get to listen you enjoy.

  11. KvnSamr an artist from Trenton NJ.
    I just want yall to know me like we related so I’m giving my life through music. Thankyou to all who gives me a chance.

    1. Hello, I am KvnSamr (kevin samir), a 24 year old artist from Trenton, NJ.
      I just want the world to know me like we related so that’s why I deliver my life through music. The track I’m displaying is Yesteryear. This is the final track off my latest ep Kon’flicted Gifted Child and also my latest single with the video coming very soon. Enjoy the vibe. Thanks for your time.

      Listen to Yesteryear by KevinSamir #np on #SoundCloud

      Follow me
      IG @kvnsamr
      Twitter @ _thecoolestkev_

  12. Meet NEM, a 24 year old Brazilian Artist living in Florida. NEM grew up looking up to people like RZA and DJ Paul/Juicy J…basically Artists who had multiple talents that branched out to different Niches and brought in Legends (One of his nicknames is NZA). NEM went to school for Film for a year and a half and spent years developing his craft recording music since he was 14. NEM met LiL WooFy WooF (Snoop Dogg/Spice 1/BG Knocc Out influenced rapper) and Diggy 1-D (Nate Dogg/Freddie Gibbs/Young Buck/Outkast influenced Rapper and Producer) and created an album to help bring back the soul in Hip-Hop.

    This album is years in the making. Get prepared to take a time machine back to the 90’s because NEM, LiL WooFy WooF, and Diggy 1-D are bringing it back to the essence of Hip-Hop. This album is like a mixture of Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs, Three 6 Mafia, Mobb Deep, and the Early-90s in General. Sit Back, Relax, and enjoy the Movie!

    To Buy the Hardcopy go to:
    To Download the Album go to:

  13. Good morning SheBloggin. As an avid viewer and visitor to the site first and foremost I just want to say thank you for the amazing work that you do! Today I have two videos to submit for website consideration. Both videos are from the Tony Yayo show we (@ProspectzNation) did in Brooklyn, NY. The first of which is the Chillz Chew’d Interview: Episode 2 with Tony Yayo. Chillz (@ChillzMuzik) interviews Yayo in such a unique way, via freestyling him the questions and having him respond. The next video is a video of myself getting to give Yayo some bars after the interview that was conducted. (interview) (rap)

    Thanks for your consideration & have a great day!

  14. CantStopAtson
    Brooklyn, New York

    Hows it going? My name is Atson and I was wondering if you guys would take a look at my newest video? Sort of a smooth sound to the song with the video having a pretty dope and diverse concept mirroring Ray Allen in his “He Got Game” film.

    Thanks in advance
    -Cant Stop Atson

  15. Big fan of the blog I’m a hip hop producer from Baltimore Maryland with a boom bap 90’s sound I just released the video called Takin Action/ Garcia Vega we did in NYC of the EP I produced for local Frederick Maryland artist Sturge I’m reaching out to you so I can get my video uploading on your channel here is the link below hope you enjoy

    YouTube :
    Artist: Sturge
    Producer : Ray Sosa
    Director : Yost Media

    Facebook : Rayan Sosa Jovon Sturgis Landon Yost
    Twitter: Raysosa0509 Sturge Yost Media
    Instagram: Ray_sos90 Sturge_Marconi Yost media

    Looking forward to hearing back from you

  16. Hey how y’all doing my name is DoloKen I’m 21 years old . I’m from Dallas Texas I been doing music for about a Year now . And I’m ready too get theses blogs involed with my music more and I wanna start with y’all and I want y’all too check out my new visual I dropped from my debut mixtape I dropped Last Year in October on the 6th called Greatest Hustle The Mixtape . This song is called “3am” New visual I dropped Dec . 31st check it out and let me know what yall think

  17. Hello!

    My name is Vile Murk and I am an 18 year old Toronto artist looking to get my name out. I’m heavily influenced by the Los Angeles rap collective Odd Future. My lyrical style is the perfect balance of awareness mixed in with a little bit of crazy.

    Attached you will find a file of a new song I did along with my friend El Chrapo Papi entitles “Read Slow”. In the song I’m rapping from the perspective that one teacher we all seemed to hate in high school. I would love for you to give it a listen! For more you can visit

    I hope you enjoy!


  18. Artist : Derik $oul (Wealthy $oul Tribe)

    Location : Schaumburg (Suburbs of Chicago/ 30minutes north/ home of woodfield mall)

    Background : coming out of Schaumburg via NY Derik is a singer in a hip hop collective called ‘Wealthy $oul Tribe’ the tribe has been making a lot of noise in Chicago by throwing events like ‘Wealthy $oul World’ a annual party and live art show, while also hosting some of the hottest clubs in the city. Recently Derik has been gaining some traction with his song ‘Gotta Do’ a r&b trap song about finding ways out of the struggle.
    With a project in the works Derik is look to gain more traction through the blogs in order to get people to start paying attention to the great work coming out of the Tribe


    Social Media: IG: Wealthysoulworld Twitter: MrWealthysoul

  19. image1.JPG

    How are we doing, my name is Nz Tante I’m from butt fuck Iowa, a state where people will over look you with no hesitation if you say you make hip hop music but I’m changing that as more and more people continue to help the movement grow. My movement is Team Unexpected, and TeamU is a lifestyle and growing to be a Culture that’s all about positive fun wild living and self encouragement and encouraging others around you because that’s how you make a Team better is by helping those around you.
    I was hoping to be able to have my “Man Down” track featured on your blog. I hope to here back from you, there’s a link below to my track!

  20. Submitting a music video by rap artist Clinton Wayne – “The Blood” ft. Verbal…the artist is out of Barstow, CA and is signed to MPM and No Sleep Marketing. His album that is out right now is called “Bipolar” and is available on Amazon and iTunes. The music video was direct d by Andretti Dante of KoolKamp Productions

  21. Check out these guys they are artist from LA, one does hip hop and the other is a DJ that does EDM/Trap music, they are brothers and they put a song together that goes pretty hard, its got that west coast sound to it definitely should check them out. I think one of them just signed but not sure im on the look out for more of these guys music they’re dope.

  22. Hi, how are you. My name is Budda HeartAway, I am a Hip Hop musician and would like to gain more notoriety. Unfortunately I have been anti social my entire life (real artist) so I am not the popular of a person and building a fanbase has become quite difficult with little finances and less resources.

    If you could take the time out review some of my music I would sincerely appreciate it.

    God bless and thank you.

  23. Hey,
    I am 17 years old and I tried to make a song. It is very calm. Some people I’ve showed it to have said that it sounds cool so I would like to get more feedback.
    Have a nice day and thank you!

  24. I wanna put the music out there for the fans this is a new release check out my sounds cloud at izayah niro I’ve been on your block for like a year now checking out new music i support the blog
    8.) Dangerous (Zay & Ace).mp3

  25. Hi,
    I found your website while doing some random browsing. I like what you do, so I thought i’d send you this discount we have over at the store.

    You can use the coupon ZULETTA at our store

  26. Hey guys!
    I love your website! It’s a super cool way for artists to be heard, and I’m all about that movement! So I recently noticed there were two problems in the industry:
    1.) Beats cost way to much and 2.) Rappers need a way to earn an income. So I created a site where rappers get exclusive access to an entire list of beats made by our professional producer, and can download as many of them as they want for $19.99/mo. But here’s the cool part, you can MAKE money! Per active person you refer to the site you’ll make an extra $10/mo. So 2 people pays for your subscription, and 100 active referred people would mean an extra $1,000/mo! (Link to website:
    I was wondering if you guys could do a post about this! It would give rappers the opportunity to earn an income doing what they love, and have access to ATON of fresh beats for their work.

    Also, if you were to sign up under the membership, and post about the website using your affiliate link, each person who subscribed through your link to the website would make you guys an extra $10/mo as they stay active.

    Let me know what you would like to do and if you can help!

    owner of Infinite Beats

  27. Hey hit me up about doing some outside Pr work with your contacts. We talked awhile back about doing something for my company

    James J

  28. Hey, not sure if this is the right place, but I wanted to suggest that you add a cool site for music production tutorials, sample packs and drum kits to your resources. I used the content over the last two years to up my game and finally got my first placement now! Here’s the link: – I thought it might help your followers.

  29. Hey. I’m DJ DS from Crewe in the UK.

    I’ve been DJing since 1992 and have a new mixtape and “Back to School” series currently being released. It’s based on my school years (1986 – 1991) and I’ve just released my 1989 mix. All of them can be found here, along with my other mixes:

    You can find me at;

    Thanks & hope you enjoy!!

  30. Hi Team,

    I’m reaching out to check if you accept paid link insertion or guest posts on your site.

    If yes, can you please let me know the guidelines and how much you charge for it?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Fleur Brooks

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