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Hard-hitting rapper G.A.B.B.Y. launches new anthem ‘I Am’

MANHATTAN, NY – No one will ever accuse New York rapper G.A.B.B.Y. of being timid. Quite the opposite, in fact… This fast-rising rapper out of Manhattan is ready to take the industry by storm with her rapid-fire flow and in-your-face lyrics that are designed to inspire other women.

Her new single, “I Am,” is the perfect kind of anthem for all those fans who have been waiting for an outspoken woman like her to represent them in the hip-hop game. It’s an aggressive, pulls-no-punch, hard-hitting single that is an announcement to the world that she is here to stay, no matter who tells her she can’t do it. She’s going to prove all the haters wrong, and she’s going to tell you how it is without worrying about the consequences. Her rapid-fire flow over hypnotic lyrics combine with a catchy beat that makes you want to bounce. It’s the perfect kind of song for the summer, and definitely will be a song that fans talk about for months to come as her career begins to take off.

“I’m talking about my life and real shit,” G.A.B.B.Y. said of the song. “It’s a more upbeat song, a hype song, about who I am and how I’m gonna make it. When I drop my first mixtape I will also call it ‘I Am,’ and I’ll switch up my flows a bit and show off a whole bunch of different tones and shit. I can change my sound, and I want to be known for doing different things instead of just staying in one category of music.”

G.A.B.B.Y. – which stands for “Get A Bag By Yourself,” a nod to her attitude toward people who are annoying and how she shrugs them off – started rapping when she was only 11 years old. She used to sing before that, but never thought she was a very good vocalist. Rap sort of came to her as she explored new types of music. She discovered Meek Mill – a rapper whose straightforward lyrics resonated with her – and decided to give rap a shot. She was going through a lot at the time, and rap became the perfect outlet for her emotions. Meek Mill became her idol and gave her hope for something bigger in her life. Today, she wants to use her music to give that same kind of feeling to others.

“I want my music to be inspiring,” she said. “I want it to open doors for people who have been in similar situations as my. And I want to bring big girls back into style.”

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