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Joe Apollo sees success with hit single ‘Rihanna,’ prepares to drop next single ‘No Heart’

ATLANTA, GA – When Joe Apollo moved to Atlanta to pursue music full-time as a professional, one of the first things he was told to do by record labels was to drop singles once a month until one of them pops off. He had no idea that one of his singles would do just that within only three months.

That single, “Rihanna,” has reached more than 1 million streams on his Soundcloud page and has propelled him onto the music scene in a big way. It’s one of many songs that he currently house out, but is by far his most popular – which is somewhat ironic considering the way it came about. As a professional musician from Detroit who moved to Atlanta to expand his reach as an artist, Joe Apollo prides himself on the preparation and attention to detail that he brings to the music making process. But with “Rihanna,” the experience was extremely organic and unplanned.

“I’m usually a goal-oriented person before I get in the studio,” he said. “I know what the hook is and where I’m gonna go from there, but this song came during a time when I just pumping out records and wasn’t following my main route. I just made what came to mind, and this is how it came out. It came from a really good time in my life when I was feeling really good about my music, and out of that came this really catchy hook on top of a really upbeat, feel-good song.”

In addition to the 1 million-plus streams, “Rihanna” has also gotten some radio play throughout Atlanta and the South, and has given Joe Apollo a platform on which to build an even bigger career. And make no mistake, this is just the first step toward something much, much bigger.

“I came up with the name Apollo because he was the Greek God of music, and I want my music to have that kind of destiny behind it,” he said. “I know I haven’t fully mastered my craft yet, but I eventually want to be a God of music – or at least a big mogul with a big impact on the music industry. I really want to make something happen, not just make music from time-to-time. I love that I haven’t fully mastered my craft yet, because I know where I want to go and I know there’s a big destiny in front of me. There are many people I will meet and many places I will go, and along the way I will make music that’s known for just having a good time. When my songs pop up, you can jam out to them. I make music that lets you be with friends and just jam out, or songs that you can go to a show to and just enjoy feeling some good music. Some of it is turn up music, some of it is showboating, and some of it is me being transparent and telling people who I am as an artist – but all of it is just having a really good time. I take my craft seriously, but I make really good-feeling music.”

The next offering from Joe Apollo is a single called “No Heart,” which he describes as a minimalist song that is about him and his closest friends. Growing up in the projects on the east side of Detroit, Joe Apollo said he had just a handful of very close friends who have joined him on this journey and are now business associates as he climbs his way up through the music industry. This song is a nod to those friendships and the idea of trying to make their dreams come true. This new single is set to drop sometime in September.

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