Kimbi Tiez “I Am Love” (Video)

Laidlaw Media and neo-soul artist Kimbi Tiez present visuals for “I Am Love.” The single is taken from Kimbi’s new album ‘From the Heart, Vol.1,’ available on Bandcamp and other streaming platforms.

In true spiritual performance, Kimbi delivers a blend of mindfulness and tranquility through delicate spoken-word vocals. Cascading stream water and animated butterflies swarming around the songstress sets the tone for the video. Over a captivating arrangement of acoustics and soulful jazz/blues, Kimbi poses the underlying question of who am I. Rather than think or dwell about what that entails she simply answers…She is breath, she is peace, she is limbs on trees, she is sun kisses, but most inspiring, Kimbi is an esteemed powerful being with a matching soul.

Kimbi convinces audiences not to overthink the complexity of who am I simply by providing a sense of serenity and consciousness. Watch the video for “I Am Love” and connect with Kimbi Tiez below.

Get your copy of ‘From the Heart, Vol.1’ here on preferred platforms.

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About ‘From the Heart, Vol.1’

Kimbi’s debut album “From the Heart, Vol.1″ is a Neo-Soul masterpiece, strongly inspired by the likes of Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. It is a culmination of many years’ worth of stories and the heartfelt transparency of her ongoing journey. In the creative process, she found the power in forgiveness as well as the necessary transformation endured in the dark spaces of life. Her album is a truly spiritually guided answer to questions she didn’t think she had the courage to ask, let alone reveal. Each song was written from a deeply personal space within and resulted in a process of self-discovery and soulful healing. Kimbi hopes that sharing her story it will remind us that we are not alone and that we are all truly connected, and we all ultimately want to know, feel and be in a state of absolute peace and love.

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