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Extremely rare mirror twins launch new EP ‘Lion Kyngs’

SAN DIEGO, CA – Only about 3 percent of the world’s population are twins, and only one out of every three sets of twins is identical. But even among that extremely rare group of individuals, Christopher and Christein are unique. The two hip-hop artists from Southern California aren’t just identical twins – they’re mirror twins which make up only about one-fourth of all identical twins. The statistical probability of their existence barely even registers … out of the entire global popular, mirror twins make up less than half of one percent (0.3%).

They are, quite literally, a phenomenon. But you don’t have to look at them – one of them right-handed, the other left-handed; one of them is an introvert (Christopher) and the other being extrovert (Christein) – to get a taste of this extremely rare duo. You can listen to their music and know immediately that there’s something special about these two young artists who call themselves King Liyo and Davynci. To put it simply: fans have never heard anything like them. As with everything else in their lives, the music they create together is a mirror reflection of each other’s unique gifts, talents and abilities.

This is perhaps displayed in its best form their one of the singles off their upcoming EP. The single is called “Fuck Fairy Tales,” and it features both their rapping prowess and their singing ability. It’s an upbeat song that will make listeners want to dance. It will also make them cock their heads and listen close, because though their voices sound similar they aren’t the exact same, and when they go back-and-forth on the song like mirrors – one singing a bar and handing it off to the other, repeating over and over like that – the mesmerizing paradox of similar yet different flows will make fans come back for more.

“We want people to know that we can be real contenders in the music game for a long time,” King Liyo said. “Our music is here to stay. We’re very versatile with our content. Our creativity is endless. Sometimes we’re telling stories and sometimes we’re tackling cultural issues. But at the end of the day, we just want to make great music. And when you hear our music you’ll know that we are contenders in this profession. This is the start of something big.”

Fans can now get a good taste of the twins’ music with their new five-track EP, “Lion Kyngs”. The way the project displays their personalities is exactly what you would expect from mirror twins. They bring music that can be exciting at times, light at times, and dance-inducing at times. The first song, “Emperor’s New Groove,” is a King Liyo song that features a really popping beat with hard lyrics that introduces fans to their sound and gets listeners in the mood to dance. That’s followed up with “Animals,” which showcases both King Liyo and Davynci and their talent with lyrics. The third track on the EP is “OTINSD,” which stands for Overtime In San Diego. It’s a song that talks about the work that’s being put in, as well as the work that others can put into their own lives to achieve the things they want. “Fuck Fairy Tales” is the fourth song on the EP, which then leads into the final song, “Half Sober,” which brings in the twins’ older brother PappaDub for a feature.

“The vibe is very different on that last song because we want the send-off to be very mellow and vibe-ish,” King Liyo said. “It’s not as hard as the first three, and it has more of a groove like ‘Fuck Fairy Tales,’ though with more of a vibe. It’s one of those send-offs that says, ‘Until further notice, enjoy what we’ve given you and keep your ears open for more from us soon.’”


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