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Sean Deleon shares stories from the streets with four new singles

SIOUX CITY, NE – A life on the streets surrounding by drugs and gangs isn’t one that Sean Deleon is proud of, but it is one that has given him an arsenal of stories that he can share through music. And after 10 years in a federal penitentiary, Deleon has spent the past two year compiling those stories and recording music that he is now ready to release to the world.

The beginning of those releases started this summer with four new singles. He said those four songs are just the beginning of a steady stream of music that he plans on releasing over the next year, but these four songs are ones that showcase his unique talent and signature sound.

“I like a lot of stuff out there right now, but one of the things that set me apart is that I have a different cadence and flow,” Deleon said. “The cadence of rap today is different than when I went to prison – the style was way different then. My influences from then make a difference in my delivery. Plus I like trap music and beats, so when I combine my flow and delivery with that sound it’s just different than anything else out there.”

The first of the four singles is a song called “Mickey & Mallory.” It tells the tape of a drug dealer who is ruthless, and the woman who loves him and who would do anything for him – even kill for him. It’s a trap song with a heavy beat that features snares and bass, and gives a vibe that one might feel when watching the movie “Natural Born Killers.”

The second single is a song called “The Dragon.” It tells the story of a neighborhood drug dealer whose everyday life is filled with outrageous experiences and who witnesses things on the street that most people don’t ever see. The third single, “At the Trap House,” also explores the life of a drug dealer, though this time from inside the confines of a house where drugs are sold.

The final song is “Dark Side,” and it features a mixture of symbols and metaphors taken from various experiences throughout Deleon’s life. While it, too, touches on the life of a drug dealer, it’s more deeply philosophical and personal – exploring the heart of a man who comes to terms with the darkness and who embraces it and accepts it, letting it fully become a part of who he is.

“I like making trap music and rapping about street life and selling drugs, even though I don’t do that anymore,” he said. “Now that I’m doing good for myself, I want to focus on my music and the change in my life. I don’t portray this big bad gangster, but that history is part of who I am. The stuff I went through helped build who I am. I had bad moments, but those moments made me stronger. I also had fun in my experiences, and I know other people want to feel good and not feel guilty about their own life experiences. That’s why I try to inspire people with some of my songs and just make good music.”


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