Va-Cay – Rewind

Hot summer jam ‘Rewind’ sets the stage for double-album release on
July 1 from new West Coast artist Va-Cay

LOS ANGELES, CA – One of the summer’s hottest new singles is lighting up the West Coast from a new hip-hop artist who goes by the name Va-Cay.

The single is called “Rewind,” and it’s the debut song from his two-album release that’s set to drop July 1. Taking an untraditional approach, Va-Cay said he is dropping two albums at once as a way to differentiate himself from other artists out there, and as a way to announce to the world that he’s a musician worth paying attention to. The single “Rewind” is a bouncy, replay-inducing summer jive that begs listeners to enjoy over and over again. It’s a single from the second of the two albums, called “The Man.” The first is called “The Boy.”

“I’ve been working and had so many songs, I didn’t know how to put all those different sounds and messages onto the same tape,” Va-Cay said. “I thought about doing a mixtape and then an album, but then I thought, ‘Why not give one audience one album and another audience a second album and see what they like?’ Hopefully this showcases the versatility I have as an artist.”

“The Boy” is an album that Va-Cay said represents the immature, obnoxious side of his personality that is aggressive and contradicts a lot of what “The Man” represents. As such, this album showcases more of an up-tempo style with lyrics that are intentionally superficial and materialistic.

“It’s all about flashy-ness, money, material things and women,” he said. “I wanted it to appeal to the younger generation. When it comes to turn up songs or hype songs that make you want to dance, this album shows you that I have the skills to make songs that appeal to people in that nature.”

“The Man” is an album that Va-Cay said represents a more mature, patient, sensitive side of his personality that is understanding and speaks more about truth, love and hardships. He said it’s an album that will show how much he has grown as an artist, and how that growth from boy to man has influenced his art and passions in life.

“It’s more laid back, mature and honest in its approach,” he said. “It’s more of a slow vibe, with a couple of R&B songs mixed in. I believe it will appeal to a little older audience because it has real life situations, personal things that have happened in my life, and a lot about relationships.

There are a lot of different flows and styles that you can get from both albums, and by having two albums at the same time people can pick and choose what they like.”

“I want my music to be known for something people can think to and debate over and go through things in real life and feel like I’m talking to them,” he said. “At the same time, I want my music to be the kind of music that people will bump in their whips when they ride to the beach, or just cruise when they listen to ‘The Man.’ And when they want to stunt and get hyped they can turn up ‘The Boy’ and go dumb.”


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