Allcash Ttyme – Terror Town 2

AllCash Ttyme

Allcash Ttyme delivers the “Terror Town 2” video, shot by Moosie8732 Films.

“Terror Town is a portrayal of a mode that my uncle would go into to protect his family and feed his kids. With no adult family influences in my life, my uncle began to instill this mindset in me from a young age. Terror Town is a summary of life’s choices; of not letting what I have been through change me and having the ability to stay original and true to myself. My true self is not following the people from the streets, but cutting out my own cloth, getting an education, and setting an example for the next generation, but; not forgetting where I came from.”

Allcash Ttyme’s music has been influenced by growing up in poverty, watching his parents struggle, being ripped away from them, going from foster home to foster home, having no structure or stable home; music became the therapy Teon needed to release his tension and tell his story. Chief Keef was his inspiration. Chief Keef was from Chicago and had a similar lifestyle. His lyrics hit home and his drive to not let his circumstances define who he was inspired Teon to grow in his pursuit of writing and creating his musical art.

As a teenager, Teon went to Lincoln Center of the Arts for Middle School in Milwaukee WI. Here he was introduced to all different art forms. He did not study one specific art form. He understood the importance of education and has obtained a Liberal Arts Associates Degree and is 12 credits from obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communication. Listening to, writing, recording, and promoting his music was a big part of the motivation that allowed him to stay connected and focused on finishing school.

Understanding today you have to be a Boss; Teon has started the Allcashh Getters Brand which includes his music. Teon has an independent label, he writes his own music; he contracts recording engineers to record his vocals and mix and master his art form. He contracts videographers to produce videos for his songs, and he hustles to link up with promoters to promote his music.

Teon’s overall philosophy of music is a person’s ability to give their testimony. People can talk through music, tell their story. Music helps relieve pain. Music has a calming effect. It gives people motivation to want to strive and do better. Music is the fuel that gets him up in the morning; he believes music is not only for easy listening but is life saving.

Some powerful insights Ttyme would like to share are; to not let the outside world distract you from the bigger picture, to stay true to yourself, to stay consistent, and to love what you do. And remember to keep the people you trust close to you to help you navigate this crazy but invigorating life.

As an artist, he wants his music to touch the 1% of kids that aged out of foster care, kids who grew up in the hood looking to change their life, to give them hope and a voice. He also wants his music to connect with all people around the globe to influence the way they think, to gain a deeper understanding of the children from poverty, their actions, mindset, and need for equity in this world.

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