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I get questions all the time from artists wanting to know what exactly the differences are between BDS and Mediabase. They know they should have one or the other, but don’t know why. No more excuses, here’s what you should know, and its quite simple.


This system uses computers to listen to the large stations throughout the country, Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems is the world’s leading provider of airplay tracking for the entertainment industry. It’s free to submit your music to BDS for tracking. You do not need a bar code to register with BDS. This is a necessity if you are looking for a deal. Labels need to see that the radio stations are playing your music.


This system is similar in concept to BDS, but instead of using computers to listen, it uses people. Mediabase is owned by Clear Channel, the largest owner of radio stations (1200) in the world. MediaBase and BDS both monitor about 80% of the same stations; therefore you may need to get both in order to get proper coverage.

Any questions? Please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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