7 Ways to Make Money With a Website

How to Make Money From Your Website

Now that it’s 2024, and inflation has gotten out of control, it’s important to create as many forms of income as possible! I’ve been asked for years how I make money off of my blog, so today I’ll give you a few tips!

  1. Before you do anything, once your site is ready to go, make sure you set up your Google Analytics and Adsense account. Google Analytics provides the stats of your site, and also lets you set goals for viewership. Adsense places ads on your site, which pays you for each ad click. It’s definitely not difficult to get a payout once ads are placed, as long as you’re actively promoting your site. Also, it’s beneficial to connect your site to as many Google tools as possible, as this ensures more coverage, and clicks to your site.
  1. Not only can you use Google Adsense, but you can also sell ads independently. You don’t have to get 20,000 clicks a day to qualify for selling ads. No matter what your stats are, selling ads is a legitimate way to make money, and it also eventually leads more people to your site.
  1. Connecting with marketing companies that do SEO articles (sponsored content) has been very lucrative for me. There are several companies out there that will pay you to post an article for them, and in most cases, you decide what you get paid per article. Once you get a good amount of content on your site, these companies will be knocking your door down trying to get an article, or simply a link placed. Another form of sponsored articles is  if someone wants to pay you to write an article  for them.
  1. Obviously, when you have your own platform, it’s the perfect way to sell items. If you sell anything that you originally created, definitely make sure you’re using your platform to its fullest capability. I sell public relations services, and using my site has doubled my profits.
  1. Affiliate marketing has always been an effective way to make additional money. You get your affiliate link directly from the company. Let’s say you’re an affiliate for a headphones company. You place the link on your site, and then, you get a commission each time someone buys a toothbrush using your link.
  1. Another way I’ve recently discovered how to make extra money is to set up a subscription for specific content on your site. If you’re providing content that you believe is valuable enough to pay for, you should set up subscriptions. 
  1. Finally, there’s nothing wrong with asking for donations. Set up a GoFundMe, and promote that link as much as possible.

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