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Chi City’s L.H. presents his Ryder Visuals flick for his single, “Chopstick Flo'”

L.H. is a Chicago hip hop artist, label owner, and creative visionary with the talent, hustle, and drive to take his music and personal brand to the people of the world. He has already dropped two impressive EPs, Hennessequa and T2B2, that are expressive, personal, and blend influences both new and old into a sound that is 100% real hip hop. He releases his tracks on his own Visual Audio record label, which lets him maintain complete control over his music and image. He has opened for major artists including Rittz, Lil Bibby, and Cam’ron and works hard daily to become the best he can possibly be.

His work is inspired by the life he lives and L.H. has been obsessed with hip hop since childhood. He fell in love with the beats and flows of many artists but his biggest influences were Nas and Jay-Z. He is also inspired by God and family and has made it his mission to make music that is entertaining but makes people feel at the same time. His mind is always working and looking to create new projects and opportunities for himself and Visual Audio. His attitude is that time is money and neither should be wasted. This mindset puts L.H. well on the way towards his goals of reaching millions of fans and topping the Billboard charts. One thing is for sure: he will not die broke.

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