Post: A Guide To Restoring Your Self-Care After Your Holiday

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It’s easy to think that a holiday (or vacation, if you prefer), is going to be your ultimate refresher week, fortnight, or even month. This can be true, and certainly beats heading to the office each day to earn your keep. However, it’s also true to say that while taking some time off work can be restorative, sometimes, we may ‘go even harder’ on holiday than we do at home!

On our break, we tend to eat more food than we know what to do with, possibly even drink every day or every other day, and in order to make the most of the adventure, get little sleep. It could be that you’ve taken an adventure holiday such as skiing, hiking or going on a safari, or maybe you’ve gone on a food tour and now your stomach feels the same size as a hot air balloon.

Then there’s the effort involved with travel in the first place, which is not insignificant. Okay – that sounds wonderful, so, how can we restore our self-care after our holiday takes place? Let’s consider that, below:

Make Sure Your Skin Is Treated

Most people would agree that skincare is an important element of self-care, but it’s true that your skin doesn’t exist in a vacuum (as strange as this is to say), but rather reacts and is affected by the environment around it. As such, if you’ve been lying in the sun already, even if you’re lucky enough to have darker skin, it may need the appropriate treatment, even if you’ve been wearing sun cream. If you notice roughage, a blemish or a growth, it might be that visiting a private skin cancer clinic, just to check, is important. It’s also helpful to moisturize your skin appropriately and make sure recuperative treatments like aloe vera ointments are used.

Get Back Into A Regular Sleep Cycle

A regular sleep cycle can help us format our days, manage our energy, and keeps our irritability levels low (or rather, lower than they might be). On holiday, it’s unlikely you kept perfect sleeping hours. So taking a little time to get back into your sleep schedule, bit by bit, can make a big difference. Try to keep a similar hour, and invest in your sleep hygiene by making sure ventilation in the room is assured, or even treat yourself to a memory foam pillow. It makes a big difference.

Settle Into The Daily Grind With Care

It’s quite a stark experience to go from ‘beautiful holiday surroundings’ to ‘grey office cubicle,’ assuming that this is the general life you lead. There’s nothing terrible about an air-conditioned office environment of course, but it can be quite the shock. So ease into it slowly. Give yourself a buffer day to stay at home after your holiday, and perhaps visit a friend, go to a restaurant, or pamper yourself just so you can settle back into the regular flow of things. It’ll have a big impact on your post-holiday blues.

With this advice, you’re sure to restore self-care after your holiday. Until your next big adventure, of course.

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