Post: How To Chose The Right Wedding Theme


Making your wedding super special is all about picking the best theme. If you’re wondering how you can decide on your wedding theme, simply follow these tips.

1 . Get inspired

If you’re keen to choose the right wedding theme you may need a little inspiration. To get inspired check out online articles, there are plenty of helpful wedding theme ideas online. You might read up about a festival wedding theme, a tropical-themed wedding, or even a Disney theme if that’s your thing! There are some great wedding podcasts out there that discuss theme ideas, catering advice, and lots more. The best places to start include Bridechilla and The Big Wedding Planning Podcast.

2. Discuss with loved ones

When you’re deciding on a wedding theme your loved ones will be able to give you some great advice. Plan a drinks event with your closest friends and family, and ask everyone to write down a few ideas on paper. You could even turn it into a fun game by guessing who chose what theme. There are so many options available whether you want to throw a vintage wedding, a rustic wedding, or a cosplay-themed wedding!

3. Expressing your personalities

Choosing a theme is all about expressing the personalities of the couple. You might fall in love with a theme, but does your partner love the idea too? When it comes to choosing a wedding theme you must be both on the same page. It’s all about creating a day that everyone enjoys.

When you’re choosing a theme it’s also worth giving some consideration to your wedding guests, and ensuring everyone will appreciate the theme. Of course, it’s your big day, but you’ll want to be sure that everyone enjoys themselves. It’s nice to express your theme in every detail from your engagement ring to your dress and wedding cake.

4. A suitable venue 

When you’re choosing a theme it’s important to make sure that you can find a suitable venue. For instance, you might need a certain amount of space to put on your theme, or certain venue features? When you’re choosing a venue, the following questions may come in handy:

  • Which features do I need to compliment my wedding theme?
  • Is my theme better suited to an indoor or outdoor venue?
  • What’s my budget for the venue?
  • What’s the most important thing I’m looking for in a venue?

5. Get planning in advance

It may take a bit of time to decide on a theme and get all the different details organized. For this reason, it’s a good idea to plan your theme well in advance. When you’re planning your wedding you’ve got to think about lots of details. There are lots of important tasks from deciding on the guest list to choosing your ring. If you’re still shopping around for an engagement ring be sure to check out this gorgeous 

claddagh ring with diamond.

With these tips, you’ll choose a wedding theme that works for you and create the perfect wedding that you desire. 

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